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How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup This Season

Updated on September 26, 2010
London Fashion Week.Giles spring/summer 2011. Photographed by James Cochrane
London Fashion Week.Giles spring/summer 2011. Photographed by James Cochrane



Two things that are back in 2010 / 2011.

Let's explore the wonders of glittery eye make up, which we will all be wearing because it will be in when the spring turns to summer, because we've all gone Retro over Christmas and New Year.

Nostalgia is winning, and along with it glitter is winning too. So hurrah for runway models with eyes like bejeweled butterflies, and hurrah for us all breaking out all that cute glitter make up we always wished we'd be able to wear again.Except we probably need to buy new make up now because the old stuff is probably a dried up mass of nematodes. If you don't know what nematodes are, don't look it up, they're totally gross and they'll make you spend the rest of your life in utter revulsion at your fingernails and eyelids.

Glitter made its first re-appearance since the late 90's at Londion Fashion week, where it began to show up all over the place.

Vogue UK reports:The use of glitter in London first emerged at Sass & Bide, where glitter was applied just underneath the lower lash line for a rock 'n' roll edge to an otherwise very pared-down look. Then, accents of glitter reappeared via the medium of nails at both House of Holland and Holly Fulton where gold varnish was dipped in glitter and then sealed with a topcoat, and even at Topshop the tips of the nails were dipped in multi-coloured glitter and layered with rhinestones by Sophy Robson for a total disco-diva effect (the Seventies are back, after all).And then to today, when the glitter bomb well and truly exploded. Firstly in the morning at Mark Fast, where theatrical make-up maestro, Alex Box, highlighted the inner corners of navy smoky eyes with a highly-concentrated pigment of loose gold glitter. And then to Giles by evening, where make-up artist, Miranda Joyce, described the look as "pure Seventies decadence - more so than we have seen at any other show", with two-tone glitter all the way up into the brows (which, incidentally, were bleached so as to not interrupt the spectacle).

You won't need to bleach your eyebrows in order to enjoy a proud glitter look in upcoming seasons however, that sort of extreme action should probably be reserved for the professionals who can ensure that one's eyes are not burned out by the bleaching process.

To get the model look without the model risk, keep your eyebrows on but have them plucked neatly. Apply the glittery eye make up with only slightly less than wild abandon than we see pictured to our right. It is not necessary to slather the entirety of one's forehead in glitter, however the eye area is fair game. Keep in mind that using two shades will keep your look not only current, but dramatic. Using the lighter shade around the immediate eye area will make your eyes look larger, which is probably preferable to making them look smaller, unless conventional standards of beauty have flip flopped wildly, which I'm pretty sure they haven't.

Enjoy your shimmery glittery sparkle!


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