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Glossybox Canada January 2013

Updated on May 29, 2013


Glossybox Canada May's Box was not charged payment nor did it arrive to its subscribers.

NO official notice has been given from Glossybox Canada however they usually are very active with customer service and social media and lack in response shows me that it may have come to close its doors.

I enjoyed the months that I received from Glossybox Canada and loved the beauty samples.

Glossybox USA and Glossybox International in different countries are still available.

Goodbye Glossybox Canada!


Glossybox Canada

Glossybox Canada is one of the beauty box companies. Every month you receive a box with full size and sample size beauty products.

Why should you try a Glossybox subscription?

1. You want to pamper yourself with a beauty gift each month.

2. You love surprises!

3. You love opening pretty packages that make you feel like a princess!

4. You love a good deal!

5. You love your girlfriends who referred you to try!

Glossybox Canada January 2013

You know the 5 reasons why I decided to try Glossybox Canada. My birthday is in January so it's not surprising that I treated myself with a 3 month Glossybox Canada subscription.

The one thing that I found odd is that your January box doesn't arrive in January. The shipment is at the end of the month so I actually received my box the first week in February. I'm sure this isn't a big deal for most's just the anticipation of joining at the beginning of January and having to wait an entire 30 days seemed soooo LONG.

But when it did arrive, here's what I received in the Glossybox Canada January 2013.


1. Wella Professional Brilliance Leave In Mousse for Coloured Hair

How did they know that I recently coloured my hair to cover the grey? Normally I do not use mousse because aerosol cans are not good for the environment. So it's hard for me as a non-mousse user to comment on this product.

I will say that I was happy in some ways to receive it because I would not buy it on my own.

The mousse is light and easy to apply to damp hair.

I have thick black hair so did it provide extra volume? That is still under debate. Even though it feels light and smells nice, I don't think it gives my hair any extra that it doesn't have on its own.


2. Nivea Lip Balm

During this dry winter season it is a necessity to have a good lip moisturizer or lip balm. Nivea lip balm is a drugstore beauty product that has been forgotten about in my mind until now.

It's clean and moisturizing. It has a natural smooth feeling and most importantly leaves your lips feeling taken care of and normal instead of dry and cracked. I love the fact that it's unscented.

For the $2, I would definitely buy this product for the dry winter blues.


3. TOO FACED Lip Injection Extreme

A sample size of TOO FACED Lip Injection Extreme was in the January Glossybox. I've never tried lip plumpers before so this was a new experience.

The first time when I put it on like lip gloss it worked too well. It tingled and made my lips too plump. It was an odd feeling. I had to wipe it off since my lips didn't look normal at all and it wasn't the right look for my workday. Perhaps if I wanted them plumped for a date that would be a different story.

I have tried again using less product and for a more natural plump. I guess I'm not a pouted lipped gal.

I'm glad I had the chance to try it but it's not something I'd pay $30 for.


4. Burt's Bees Natural Honey & Milk Body Lotion

Burt's Bees Natural Honey & Milk Body Lotion was a sample that my skin enjoyed. I was starting to develop eczema when I put the lotion on my arm and immediately the skin felt softer and less dry.

I was lucky that these winter moisturizing products came when my body needed it the most.

I'm a natural gal and like the feel of this lotion, however, with time I didn't like the scent as much even though it is a light natural scent. I did read in other Glossy blogs that some their sample was expired so that's why it smelled odd and if you went to try the product when it's new, it would have less of a scent.

This is another drugstore secret and the full sized lotion is under $15. I think I need to go to the drugstore to smell and see if the other Glossie were right.


5. Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

I think the key to this Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitzer Wipes is to know what the product does and is for. Now I was so excited about my Glossybox Canada January box that I didn't even read the product information and jumped into using the products.

I ripped opened the sample package and immediately tried to take make up off my face. Ouch!

WARNING: READ PRODUCT INFORMATION (this is NOT to be used on your skin).

So what is this product? It is to remove lint and clean your cosmetics (the lipsticks etc).

I can't really figure out much of a need for this because I don't get my cosmetics linty but I'll keep a few samples around just in case.

Glossybox Canada January 2013


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