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Glowing Skin: Cleansing From Within

Updated on February 10, 2013

Cleanse from within for glowing skin

cleanse from within for glowing skin
cleanse from within for glowing skin

In this day and age, our bodies are constantly bombarded with pollutants and chemicals. These foreign substances can actually cause an astronomical amount of damage to our skin. Accumulating toxins underlie many skin complaints, and conditions. Therefore, clearing these toxins from the system can result in a brighter, much clearer complexion. If you want to cleanse your skin, and keep that glow. You have to consider cleansing yourself from within.

What are Toxins?

Toxin is a general term that describes many substances that intercept the normal functioning of the body. They can be metabolic wastes viruses and bacteria, synthetic chemicals such as harmful pesticides, and synthetic chemicals found in processed foods and drinks. For example, caffeine and alcohol. If you want to feel healthy and improve the condition of your skin. It is very important that we remove some of these toxins from the body.

Purity and Cleansing of the Toxins

There are a number of paths for toxin elimination to take place. It is important that these paths remain clear, and free to perform optimum toxin elimination. The skin itself is an organ of elimination. So, if the other paths of elimination are blocked up, the skin can suffer as a result of this. Skin puffiness, clogged up pores and spots are a clear skin of congestion. In this case, it is time to start thinking about detoxing.

Blood and Lymph

These are responsible for picking up toxins from the tissues and taking them to the liver. Stress, lack of exercise and poor diet can result in toxins collecting in certain areas of the body.

Purify yourself

In order to aid in the detoxification process, take regular exercise, start dry body brushing. This helps to get the lymph moving, and aids in the elimination of excess waste in the body. Eat plenty of cabbage, beetroot, blackberries, and blueberries. Wheatgrass juice is an excellent blood and lymph cleanser

The Liver

This is the body's major cleansing organ. Therefore, if you have an unhealthy leaver, your body will find it difficult to eliminate the toxins. The liver neutralizes poisons and wastes as well as building essential molecules. If you consume plenty of fatty food and drink too much alcohol, this puts a major stress on the liver. If you experience nausea, fatigue and lack of appetite, these are some of the tell-tale signs of liver damage. Pent up frustration, stress and anger also have a negative effect on the liver.


To purify eat plenty of grapefruit, lemon, endive and dandelion leaves. Dandelion leaves are an excellent liver purifier. Milk thistle herb is also amazing for liver cleansing.


The Kidneys

The kidneys are known as the filtering system. This is where wastes are removed from the blood and diluted with water and flushed away. Eating too much salt laden food can cause the kidney to reabsorb too much water which can then lead to fluid retention and puffy skin. Coffee, alcohol and diuretics can cause dehydration, on the other end of the spectrum. Dark circles and bags under the eyes, are surefire signs of poor functioning kidneys.

To purify

Drink plenty of pure, spring water and cut back on the salty foods. If you want to help flush the kidneys, include artichokes, celery and asparagus into your diet. Drink infusions made from goldenrod, fennel and uva ursi. Add parsley to salads, and drink homemade barley water, as this will help to soothe and cleanse the kidneys.

The Large Intestine

The large intestine clears digested food remains from the body. Contractions known as peristalsis move the waste material along the colon. Tension and stress can change the rhythmic pattern, thus resulting in constipation or loose stools. Over time heavy foods such as white bread and pasta can become stuck tot he walls of the colon. Therefore, clogging up the system.

To purify

Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, these act as a broom to sweep the colon of any debris. Consume fiber rich fruits such as oranges and mangoes. Also consume plenty of fresh leafy vegetables such spinach, kale and swiss chard. Psyllium husks are excellent for sweeping the colon too, try adding spoonful to your morning cereal, or drink it in water.


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