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Goggles-Protective Eyewear

Updated on October 29, 2013

Eye protection is a safety requirement in the present scenario of highly polluted environment, high UV rays infiltration through Ozone layer, daily use of high light reflection utilities like computer, Television etc.

Use of eye wear is necessary

For bike riding: Prevent drying of your eyes and tear secretion due to their exposure to air at high speeds on the ride. Prevent allergy due to dust or husk on dusty roads for safe and uninterrupted ride. Avoid glare and heavy reflection from lights of opposite vehicles on night riding's.

During swimming: Swimming is a good exercise and many try to practice it daily. In chlorinated swimming pools and heavily soiled natural water ponds is highly irritating and painful to eyes. Swim Goggles with complete coverage around the eye and clarity to provide clear vision are suitable in these waters

working on computer or watching television: Continuous exposure of our eyes to the screen radiation of computers and television is injurious. We can feel the pain of eyes besides headache. Here we require glasses which prevent harmful glare and radiation falling directly on to the eyes. These glares and radiation can be effectively filtered by UV filter cum polarization lenses. So I recommend a good pair of Polaroid glasses to work on computers for safety of your eyes.

While walking or playing: While you are walking or playing in bright and hot sunny days to protect eyes from warm breezes and harsh UV light exposure, goggles with UV ray filters are suitable.

During snow skiing, water skiing,fishing: ski goggles provide clear vision by excluding reflective glare from surfaces.

In wars by soldiers to have clear sight and protection to eyes during dusty explosions.

While or diving on waters to avoid glare.

Types of goggles to select.

Goggles are of different types and they are to be selected based on

→Frame design to suit our face.

→Lens type based on the purpose like UV or polarized etc.

Polarized lenses have multiple layers or coatings which decrease the intensity of radiation and reflection at 15 degree angles.

Sunglasses with UV filtration capacity for sunny day exposure.

Lightly dark or plain transparent goggles with complete eye coverage are good for swimming and diving.

Selecton of goggles

Selection of goggles is very important as it not only gives protection but also needs to improve the appeal of your face. So selection depends on factors like

1. Facial shape; This type of selection is given first importance as it decides the appeal of your face on wearing the goggles. Different shapes of goggles frames are suitable for different face cuts. decide which will be a good pair based on your facial shape.

2. Type of exposure. Based on type of exposure you are frequently into you need to decide the eye-wear you purchase.

3. Comfortable fit. What ever is the look or quality of the glass, comfort on wearing them is prime importance. Because it can create head aches and irritation if the eyewear doesn't fit comfortably. So see that though the frame covers your eye well, it should provide space for free blinking of you eyelids. It should not be tight on your nose and also too lose to slip away from your nose.

4. Colour of lens. Colours like transparent, grey, green, blue, brown, pink etc. are available. But of them you need to select colour based on your likeness when you put them on and see through but not just because they look good by their colour. Based on the colours, I feel grey is most acceptable for goggles as protective eye wear.


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    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      My husband does tree work and always makes sure to wear protective eye ware for protection.

    • anglnwu profile image

      anglnwu 7 years ago

      Good tips. Thanks for sharing.