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Gold Belly Button Rings

Updated on December 4, 2012

Gold belly button rings are not only beautiful, they are classy and timeless.

Gold is one of the very few metals on Earth to which people are generally not allergic to. Some people, like me, have no choice other than to wear gold jewelry due to a nickel sensitivity.

Gold can wrap its special magic around you and make you feel wanted, desired and special.

Gold belly button rings, like all gold jewelry, has a magical aura that makes us love it more than any other metal. Gold is fantastic. It says more to you than the others, never greens your skin nor causes rashes. 

It stays wonderfully shiny, no matter how much punishment we give it.

Gold is more expensive to buy. Buying gold for someone tells them how much you care. Gold belly buttons would make beautiful gifts for someone you love.

gold-plated belly button ring
gold-plated belly button ring

If, however, you find that most of the gold belly button rings listed above are outisde of your price range, don't despair.

There are many beautiful gold-plated belly button rings at much much more affordableprices.

Gold-plate is a basically just a thin layer of real gold over a cheaper metal base.

If you suffer from allergies, wearing gold-plated jewelry does not usually bring you out in a rash as the part next to your skin is always gold.

Gold-plated belly button rings look and feel just as good as solid gold rings.

Look after your skin. Make sure that you buy the best belly rings for such a tender area. Make it gold.


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