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Gold Birthstone Rings

Updated on January 23, 2010

Birthstones have been around for years, and one of the best gifts to get for somebody is a birthstone. Birthstones are unique, and they can really make a person stand out in a crowd. There are many rings that you can buy for someone that have birthstones inside them but in my opinion the best birthstone rings are gold birthstone rings.

So when can you safely buy a gold birthstone ring for a person? Any time of the year. Birthstones are always a safe bet for whoever you are buying them for. Since they are always going to be the same for a person, you can buy them one at any time of the year.

I have found that whenever I buy gold birthstone rings for my friends and family, they are greatly appreciated. They make great birthday gifts for that special someone in your life, and they are wonderful Christmas presents as well. Gold birthstone rings also work for any other special occasion.

Because they are so specific to the person that you are buying them for, they will be more greatly appreciated than a gift that is just like any other gift. In my experience, nearly all of the time that you buy a gold birthstone ring for a friend or family member, you will catch them wearing it a few days later or a few weeks later. When you ask them why they are wearing their birthstone ring, they will usually say that they liked the color of the ring, and they liked the fact that the ring had a personal meaning for them. You will hardly ever see a birthstone ring to be "regifted," like so many other presents are that you may buy for other people.

A Short History Of Birthstones

Throughout history, people believed that gemstones held special, magical powers. They often believed that twelve gemstones held special powers during each of the twelve months of the year. This tradition of twelve gemstones dates back to the bible, when the twelve tribes of Israel were each represented by a gem.

Throughout the world, there were different birthstones that were used for different months, and very few people could agree on which birthstones should be used for which month. Fortunately for us, over time the list of birthstones that are to be associated with each month have been standardized. This brings us to the present day, where you can buy gold birthstone rings online with no hassle and no problems.

Included below are twelve gold birthstone rings, one for each month of the year, in order.


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