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Gold Blazer Buttons

Updated on January 17, 2015

Gold blazer buttons are not only perfect for navy blue blazers, but a definite match for most other types and colors of blazers out there.It can easily be considered the classic wardrobe investment for all men and certain women especially those in high corporate roles.

Much like the leather jacket, there is no in-season but rather, gold blazer buttons with blazers will look great all year round and therefore will pay dividends for your fashion style for many years to come.

Seen in many movies and films, gold blazer buttons are worn by higher ranking officials or bosses to show their eliteness and to stand out. 

Gold blazer buttons may take a bit to get used to as you will need to be able to pull it off with the correct attitude and attire to complete the look, otherwise it will give off a very generic appearance which is the opposite of standing out.

Some people that have yet to try out their blazers with new and more interesting blazer buttons would not understand the obsession that envelopes around blazer buttons. Think of it as cufflinks; a simple wrist button would suffice but a shiny metallic cufflink adds so much more personality and allure to both the shirt and the wearer. 


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