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Gold Chains for Women

Updated on September 6, 2012

As far as fashion and trends are concerned, gold chains for women are timeless and are always in vogue in one form or another. Over the years, gold jewelry has been on trend, including gold chains. In various sizes, lengths and styles, gold chains help women make quite the fashion statement. Whether you are buying jewelry for yourself or contemplating the purchase as a gift, gold chains should be at the top of your buying list. If you are having difficulty starting your search for the best gold chains for women, the following account is going to solve the problem for you. Spotting the perfect gold chains is a skill that you can master easily through a few pointers.

Considering that gold is an expensive commodity, you need to consider your budget before you set out on your search. For those who are quite rich, budget limitation is not a problem. However, if you have limited money for the purchase, you need to enlist a specific amount for spending. You may not realize it initially, but your budget will have a profound impact on the kind of gold chain you buy. Besides setting a budget for your spending, you should also think about your requirements regarding the gold chain. Personal likes and preferences count significantly in this decision. If you are buying the gold chain as a gift, you should be familiar with the personality of the woman to whom you wish to present the chain as a gift.

The weight of the gold chain is an important consideration in the purchase. Karat represents the percentage of pure gold in the chain. The more the karat is, the lesser the alloys in a certain piece of gold jewelry are. While alloy helps in making the piece durable, there needs to be a limit to the percentage of alloy present in a gold chain or any other piece.

As there are numerous gold chain designs, do not forget to take into account the personality and signature style of the person for whom you are buying the gold chain. You will be amazed at how a gold chain can make a woman look sexy, bold or sweet. Those who understand fashion will understand that jewelry, including gold chains, is actually about making a statement. Some of the most prominent styles of gold chains include classy, vintage, elegant and sleek. If you want to buy something special, you can also have a gold chain personalized. While it may cost you a little extra, it will enable you to make a style statement that is exclusively your own. As a gift, a personalized gold chain represents a special gesture.

To determine the quality of the gold chain, consider what the karat is. It can be from 10, 14 and 18 to 24 karats, where 24 karat is pure gold. However, you will not find gold chains in 24k because of the durability issue. In terms of longevity and durability, 14k is the most common weight of gold jewelry found in the US. When buying gold chain, consider the wearability of the piece for which it must have a percentage of Alloy. When looking at the weight, choose a piece that has a greater percentage of gold and lesser of Alloy.

Women use multiple ways of wearing gold chains by varying their lengths, shapes and colors. If you want the chain to form a V below your neck, you can look for a collar length gold chain. You can be sure that gold chains for women are available in huge collections, which make the selection process easier for you. Among gold chains for women, a common length is 18” because it is easily visible. However, if you wish to achieve a look in which the gold chain hangs lower, you can go for a 24: gold chain. If you are choosing a thick gold chain, you can wear it with a black dress on which it will look gorgeous. If you wish to make more of an impact with your gold chain, you can wear multiple chains in the form of strands of varying lengths. You can also consider wearing a pendant on your gold chain. For this purpose, a box or wheat chain can be perfect and can easily hold the weight of the pendant.

If you are looking for a gold chain to wear to a fancy event, you should go for something that is large in size so that it is prominent and makes a statement. With a simple and elegant dress, you can use the gold chain to bring some glamor to your look. If you want a gold chain for casual, everyday wear, go for one that is strong and yet beautiful.

When looking at gold chains for women, take into account the possibility of kinking. If the gold chain is too flat and delicate, it might get tangled into your clothes or hair and break. While such gold chains are relatively cheaper, they are not durable. To make sure that the gold chain will be secure on the wearer, look at the clasp on the chain. Two of the most popular clasps you will see on gold chains include Lobster clap and a Spring Ring. When these two are compared, the Lobster Clasp tends to win because of the greater security it provides for your jewelry. The operation of this clasp is easy and it is heavy duty as well as durable.

When buying a gold chain, it is always a good idea to feel it on your skin to see if it feels rough. If the gold chain is rough, it presents a serious issue for wear ability because it may get stuck into clothes and threads and tear them. While gold chains may look identical at times, they are quite different from one another and hence, you should see how they are made. Whether a gold chain is hollow or solid has a significant impact on its value as well as its appearance upon wearing.


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