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Gold Mining Techniques - Past and Present

Updated on March 31, 2014

In the past, gold nuggets were eagerly collected in rivers and streams by panning, or sluicing, a technique which uses specific boxes positioned in the water, however, a lot more gold may be taken from the ground if miners are prepared to mine deep into the earth.

The majority of archaeologists around today believe that ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, started mining gold from rock debris in very early periods. However the procedure might have been exceptionally risky by design, and the Egyptians most likely were not in a position to extract significant amounts of gold.

As the generations have developed, the instruments associated with mining gold have progressed a great deal. Technological development has had an enormous effect on the size and weight of gold we are able to collect, particularly within the last couple of hundred years. There was a period when miners utilized basic tools like spades and pick axes. Ultimately explosives became an essential application in the miner’s repertoire, making it simpler to get at specific gold deposits.

This really is a large portion of the mining procedure right now. In the 21st century, machines are having an enormous effect on mining techniques, which includes units like excavators, bulldozers, and gigantic mechanised drills. Some devices are even computerized these days, which reduces the stress on manual digging. Contemporary miners can get further in to the ground than in the past, and gain access to gold which was formerly inaccessible.

The procedure of discovering precious metal deposits has additionally become a lot more advanced. Modern day miners look at soil chemistry, and use cutting edge satellite technology to locate gold deposits far below ground.

In the current economic climate, with many independent economists advising clients to buy gold bullion to protect against inflation, the financial incentive to unearth new gold deposits is stronger than ever. With massive profits to be made, you can expect mining engineers to keep seeking innovative techniques to locate this precious metal.


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