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The value and need for Gold.

Updated on June 13, 2013

Gold has been a highly valued precious metal for currency, jewellery, and prestige since the beginning of our recorded history. The metal can be found as grains in water or nuggets in seams of rock with other ore. Gold has many uses away from the world of beauty, fashion and financial affairs. Gold has properties which makes it ideal to use in technology.

The computer or hand held device you are using now has some element of gold in its construction( Please do not smash your machine up- it really isn't enough to justify the damage ). Gold was and still can be used in dentistry fillings. In the Second World War the victims of the Concentration Camps had their pure Gold fillings removed by the Nazi overseers. Today our entire capitalist monetary system is underpinned by the stores of Gold in individual countries.

Gold Bars
Gold Bars

Gold's value

Pure gold is too soft for our day-to-day use as coins and is typically hardened by alloying it with copper, silver or other base metals. The Gold content of alloys is measured in carats(k) this is a measure of purity. Pure gold is designated as 24k. Gold coins intended for circulation from 16th Century until the wall street crash were typically a standard 22k alloy called Crown Gold. Essentially the notes and coins we carry are a promise to pay for goods in Gold. Gold has eternal worth as we put a value to it long ago, Gold may symbolize power, strength, wealth, warmth, happiness, love, hope, optimism, intelligence, justice, balance, perfection, summer, harvest and the sun. I would suggest that gold is valuable as it does not oxidize as quick as other metals and its radiant colour makes people believe it has a inner beauty and radiance.

Symbolic use of Gold

You may have noticed that I have put Amazon adverts on this hub advertising nothing but Gold jewellery. No I am not expecting a thousand people to read this hub and then go over to amazon and click on buy item ( In truth it would be desired but I am been realistic! ) What I am illustrating is the worth of gold in relation to Emeralds, Diamonds, Rubies and other gem stones. You may have noticed there are pieces of jewellery available laden with gem stones which compare with the price of a new car. Now the reason I draw your attention to it is this, the ring does look really precious and elegant. But what do you think drives this items price. It is built and put together by a master of his or her craft, and you can see the effort and love poured into it.

Do we pay this money to own the ring and convey our love to our hearts desire. Quick answer yes! the cost of the ring is negligible to the gesture we are trying to give our other half. In a sensible world we could express our love without twisted metal and rocks mined from the Earth.

Gold is the essence of the divine imprisoned in a rock created by high pressure and high temperatures. For some reason I cannot ever hope to explain this golden rock has been placed high on the list of things to have, own, want and desire. It seems Gold has become the symbol for goodness. It is a metal that people fell in love with and a metal that people will continue to fall in love with for years to come.

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    • Asp52 profile image

      Andrew Stewart 7 years ago from England

      The amount of cash for gold adverts is bordering on hysteria!!

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Gold has been crazy hitting over 1,250 US per OZ last week. It has become a currency in affect of fear and store of safe haven with the advent of fiat currencies like the dollar and now the Euro. The mania is helped a long by the Gold bugs and end of the world fears, global financial crisis. For me i think it is a dangerous bubble at this stage. However manias can go on for a while so is a tricky one.