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Beyond Sunscreen, Good Drinking Habit is Important for Skin Protection

Updated on June 8, 2011

Traveling to tropical countries will be a great fun but it makes one exposed extensively to intense sunlight. Without proper protection, too much of exposure to direct sunlight may result in harmful effects, such as sunburn, skin damage, skin pigmentation and, in prolonged and extreme cases, skin cancer. This may sound threatening but an easy solution is to carry an umbrella or wear a broad-brimmed hat to provide a good shelter from the blazing sun.

In addition to that, dermatologists recommended broad-spectrum sunscreen (or sunblock) as a preventive measure. The selected sunscreen must be able to block the components of UV light, namely UVA and UVB, effectively. Further, the sunscreen must be photo stable so that it does not degrade chemically when exposed to sunlight so as to maintain its effectiveness and prevent harmful effects of the products of photo degradation of chemicals. Finally, one must adhere to the proper procedure and dosage of sunscreen application. For example, one must spread the right dosage of sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes on the necessary area of body before exposure to sunlight and followed up by one dose of reapplication 15 to 30 minutes after the sun exposure has begun. In case of swimming and excessive sweating, reapplication is necessary.

Another important tip for skin protection for traveler in hot, sunny countries is to avoid drinking icy, cold drinks. Drink warm drinks as much as possible - warm but not hot! At least, one should stay away from icy drinks taken out of refrigerators or those with ice cubes in it. And, one must drink enough water in hot weather so as to stay healthy.

The hot weather tends to make one craving for cold drinks as cold drinks, especially icy water, as it provides a soothing sensation from the lips all the way down to the throat. However, the traditional Chinese herbal physicians warn that drinking of cold, icy drinks will increase the probability of having acne or pimples on the face and the forehead. The reason is that the cold drinks will disturb the stomach and generate an unhealthy form of energy called ‘wei-xu-huo’.

According to the belief of traditional Chinese herbal physicians, the stomach, as an important organ of the body, likes to be in an optimum ‘warm’ condition. When one drinks icy drinks or water, the cold liquid demolishes the optimum condition and irritates the stomach. This triggers the auto-defense system of the stomach which generates ‘heat’ to protect itself. As one keeps on drinking cold drinks, the stomach will continue to generate heat to keep itself warm. As this continues, the accumulation of this type of ‘heat ‘ becomes excessive and it is called ‘wei-xu-huo’, or in simple language, it is an ‘unhealthy form of heat from the stomach’. The accumulation of this type of unhealthy heat will manifest itself as acne or pimples on the face and the forehead. This does make sense if one looks at the meridian chart of a human body used by traditional Chinese herbal physicians as the ‘Zu-Yang-Ming-Wei-Jing’, or in short – the ‘Stomach Meridian’ starts from one of the toes, runs through the trunk of the human body and ends on the face and forehead. The unhealthy form of heat rises to the face and forehead by traveling through the ‘Stomach Meridian’.

You are not just the results of what you eat. You are the results of what you drink and what you do.


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    • profile image

      Mat Prince 

      7 years ago

      This hub truly awesome.It reflects the importance of good drinking habit.Good drinking habit can avoid many diseases including skin disorders.I used to drink at least 5 to 10 glasses of water everyday.Really like this hub :)


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