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Good Places to Shop for Plus Size Clothing

Updated on October 12, 2011

Places Where I Shop (Or Know About)

Well, it seems I can NEVER find a website to suggest good places to shop for plus size clothing or places that offer plus sizes.  Well, I decided that I should do so to help everyone that is a plus size to find decent clothes that are still in style! I know in my experience I can't find clothes that look decent and are in style!  I will also say that I am no skinny thing myself, my sister on the other hand is. I think she got all the good genes! But anyway, I'm a size 20 in pants and a XXL (2x) in shirts. So no, I'm not small by no means. I'm also a bit short (I think) at 5'4 and 265lbs! There, I gave away everything! No shame in my game! I'm plus size and I am content with it. I have learned that this is me and I may as well be happy with myself and not just sit around and do nothing! Basically, everyone needs to love themselves no matter the size or shape. Be happy and confident and you will go far!

Okay, well on to stores I shop at or would suggest! Theses are not in a certain order, I just put them down when I remember!

1. Torrid- They have amazing clothes and it is only a plus size store.  They can be a bit pricey on some things, but if you have the money, GO FOR IT! They also have a clearance/sale section that has great deals.  I have bought a few sweaters from Ebay that are from Torrid and I love them.

2. Old Navy- Since I visited Old Navy last Saturday, I have fell in L.O.V.E. with this store. They are decently priced or in some cases you can find a lot of stuff for CHEAP! They also have a GIANT clearance section in the store and you can get shirts for $3 and up. I think they go up to XXL in shirts, but honestly, the XXL's are made big so they are almost like a XXXL.  It says their plus sizes on the website are 16-30, but I think you can find them in stores.

3. Lane Bryant- Really nice professional clothes or even casual clothes. To me, they really are a bit too pricey for my budget, but once again, if you have the money, GO FOR IT! From what I've seen their clothing is very nice and will hold up through lots of washes and wears.

4. Hot Topic- if you love edgy stuff and are a plus size, check out their website. They offer XXL in stores on some items, but I would suggest buying online because there is no certainty that you will find it in the store.  I used to buy all my clothes from there, but since I have ventured to other stores.  Their clothes are also decently priced.

5. Ross- They have a plus sized section and the clothes are priced cheap! They have some stuff that is I guess is out of style for myself, but every once in a while I will find a few things I love.

6. Maurice's- They offer sizes up to 26 (I think) and they are decently priced. I didn't find a lot in the store the other day, but maybe you will have more luck in a store near you or even online!

7. Wal-mart- They have a few things here and there I like and buy. I can't complain about Wal-Mart's clothing since I've never had any problems with it. The clothes are priced pretty cheap.

8. Target- I usually buy a lot of my shirts from there.  They are pretty cheap on some things and expensive (for myself) on other's. I just recommend checking it out for yourself! :)

These are all I can think of at the moment! I will update this if I remember more stores! These are just my suggestions and places I like to shop at.  If you know of any other places, feel free to comment or let me know in some way! I will check it out!



Old Navy-,topnav,tn_wPlus&clink=topnav

Lane Bryant-

Hot Topic-





** If these links do not work, try copy and pasting them into your browser. If they still do not work, let me know! I will give you an updated link and update this hub. **


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