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Gorgeous Cocktail Rings From

Updated on February 28, 2011

I was browsing in the internet for something that I could gift myself for my hardwork and also because I haven't bought something substantial for myself lately. I found an article that features cocktail rings. So I was thinking this is a nice gift that I could get for myself. The article feature some rings which are not only charming in the eyes but also very fashionable and surprisingly elegant.

I am not much into rings before, I only like to wear bracelet and earrings but after I got married I get used to wearing my wedding ring and I now I want to explore more on rings.


Amazon's cocktail rings

I am used to look for some deals and sale in the net and always check out for stuff because the site have so much to offer and you can find anything and everything in there. From books to clothes to cellphone and computers, wow almost anything. And the good thing is they always have deals!

Cheapest cocktail ring in $2.99 only
Cheapest cocktail ring in $2.99 only

So I searched the site and they have over 5,000 cocktail rings available!

The lowest priced cocktail rings is only worth $2.99! Look at how nice this ring is ->

My Favorite

They are all pretty but I have some favorites among the lists, sorted from the lowest priced to the highest priced.

Cocktail Ring With Faceted Acrylic Stone, Enameling, Rhinestones In Multi With Antique Brass Finish


This one looks elegant and charming

Sky Blue Diamante Enamel Floral Cocktail Ring


I have fascination of the color blue, this one looks gorgeous!

Vintage Diamante Cocktail Ring (Antique Silver Dark Turquoise)


Real stunning

Stunning Red Enamel Crystal Flower Cocktail Ring (Gold Tone)


It's simple but obviously pretty.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring, 8


It's a bit expensive but nice

Gold Plated Multicolor CZ Flower Bouquet Ring


Ruby is always classy.

Cocktail Ring With 5.20ctw Clean Diamonds, Treated Rubies Made in 14K Yellow Gold. Total item weight 9.0g (Size 7.5)


This lists could go on and on if I didn't stop myself because all are nice and I love them all. Hopefully I could buy it. :-D

Cocktail rings for men

I guess I have to have a part two of this hub. I found some great cocktail rings for men in amazon! I guess I just have to give you samples:

How to make cocktail rings

|See the video and also the howto article: how to make cocktail rings.


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