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Got A Minute Get A Tan

Updated on February 13, 2016

Get a Tan

Winter can be so depressing, especially to your looks. Dry skin, too oily or dry hair, and of course, pale skin.

If you want to get a rich dark tan in the winter time, there are some self tanning products on the market today, that will leave you nice and brown, and you'll be the envy of everybody!

Here is a product from Neutrogena called, Self Tanning mist. You use it all over your body. It comes in a round can. Spray it six to eight inches all over your skin. The spray runs continuously To give you an even tan. Put a tad on your fingers and put it on your face. Wash it off the palms of your hands. The skin shade is three times darker. It won't come off until you take it off. The cost is around ten-dollars depending on where you go.

Then, there are self tanning foams. I suggest Neutrogena self tanning foam, because it is easy to use and your skin will be nice and dark. Just put an even amount on your face and body. The cost is around seven-dollars.

Then, there are tanning spas.

I don't recommend you using a tanning bed, since you may get burned easily and then, you'll have to pay for it anyway, and then you will have to go out in the freezing cold. Yikes!

Most tanning spas today, have self tanning booths where you go in there in your bathing suit and you put your hair up in a plastic cap. Then, a mist of self tanning spray will melt into your skin and face for an even dark all over tan. But getting this procedure done, ask questions. Will the chemicals hurt my eyes? Must I cover my eyes and mouth before this procedure goes on?

If everything in this self tanning booth is OK with you, the tan lasts for about four days with the cost around twenty-five dollars.

And also a rich dark tan will help out with the blah doldrums of feeling blue during the harsh winter months!


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