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Gothic Jewelry - Goth Adornments

Updated on March 13, 2011

The Goth Experience

Dark eyes, skulls adorned, pentagrams, pentacles, pale white skin, leather clothing, spiked or silver collars, death or religious paraphernalia, bone jewelry, occult symbolism, graveyards, black cats, bats, venomous spiders, snakes, blood drenched lips, dark hair, pierced skin - the merging of sex, pain, suffering, death and religion - Goth Jewelry.

Existentialism teaches us that everything is ultimately doomed. We will die, our descendants will die, our country will die, even our planet will perish. Scientists teach us the universe is eventually doomed. Our lives are without meaning, everything is pointless. It is only by accepting our death and the meaninglessness of life that we can begin to truly live. Goth perceives the death, misery and tragedy of our existence. It accepts the way things are, then screams "I am alive!"

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Queen of the Damned, A Corpse Bride, The Addams Family, The Lost Boys, Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, The Ninth Gate, Legend, The Crow, Ghost Rider, The Bride of Chucky, Thirst, Labyrinth, Dark City, Nightmare before Christmas, Constantine, Jennifer's Body, Zombie Strippers - melancholic movies to watch on a dark winter night.

Grieve over your mortality. Examine the pointless rituals of your life. Meditate and vegetate. Accept what is, then drink the sweet nectar of today. Now, adorn yourself with rings, necklaces, chokers, anklets, brooches, earrings, bracelets. They will remind you to live for today. They will proclaim to others that you claim and cherish this moment of your existence.

Many live in the denial of their mortality. They work endlessly. They numb their mind with television. They drink themselves into a stupor. They take pills to quench their anxiety. Yet their mortality looms greater and greater. Do they not know that their is no escape from death. The hooded skeleton points his bony finger at everyone of us. His sickle drips with the blood of billions of victims. The lucky will die a quick death, while others will suffer in agony in the final moments of their life. Time marches on and the clock ticks away.

An ancient fable tells of a man fleeing his enemies. He slips on a treacherous trail, falling over a cliff, grabbing a small root. Above him, his enemies catch up, a thousand feet below are jagged rocks. His root is tearing loose from the side of the mountain. Archers above take aim with their bows. His doom is imminent and there is no hope. To the side, he sees a small strawberry growing. He plucks the strawberry with his free hand and eats it.

"Delicious!" he exclaims.

We are all doomed

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All photos courtesy of


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  • RedxVelvet profile image


    7 years ago from California, United States

    These are all so cute! I love all things rose and choker.


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