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Gothic Lifestyles

Updated on April 14, 2015
Goth Girls
Goth Girls | Source

Hardcore Gothic

The hardcore Goth lifestyle is a way of living, this is not just an outfit of dark clothing and make up you put on. They live like this everyday, they shave their head or get spiked haircuts that make them look unusual and unique. They wear the black make up and get tattooed, this is how they live and for them anything less then the extreme is faking it. They have a sub culture that has it's own words, music, and actions that you have to be part of to know and understand. This is their lifestyle they live and breath, it is a choice to live this way and you have to want it to fit in.

All three of these ladies are attractive women, the two on the ends seem to have altered their attractiveness with their hairstyles. They all seem extreme except the two with the haircuts take it to another level, I find the one in the middle the most attractive and she would be my pick out of the three I find most attractive. I am not part of the culture though, the two on the ends may be the attractive ones to someone living the lifestyle. I may have chose her because she was the less altered, she could look like I do in a few hours.

You have to stay out of the sun and have pale skin to pull off this look, this becomes a lifestyle of living certain ways not to attract any skin color from the sun. You stay in during the day and live your life at night. There is make up that helps with the pale looking skin and I will talk more about this as we go on.

Goth girl
Goth girl | Source


To the hardcore Goths you have the ones they call posers or fakers, these are people that dress up in dark clothing, wearing the black make up on weekends or just certain days as a style. They do not live this way or have any knowledge of the true Gothic culture, these can be professional people during the week or high school girls trying to find an identity. Even Mom's get in on it trying to get attentions again.

Their goal is not to be fake, they are not hardcore and can not live that way because of work or family. They may find the lifestyle appealing but are not ready or able to go extreme with it, liking it and shaving half of your hair off is two different things.

New Breed

The Gothic lifestyle has been strange to me, I do find certain people interesting that look Gothic except they may not be hardcore. There are blends of Gothic and grunge, you can add in some punk rock and vampire styles for a new breed of Goths. I even see colors and tattoos in the ones I seem to find interesting. Is this Gothic changing or a new breed emerging from a mixture of different sub cultures intermixing, I can find some of the combinations interesting and appealing. Even borderline sexy in a mysterious way.

The outfits are no longer just black, they have blended in colors and are much more interesting to me. The all black look had times when it was considered mysterious or sexy, these new colors bring these feelings of being mysterious or sexy to the mainstream for me and I am sure many others like me.. It seems to create a new style that I am unsure is still considered Gothic. It is a blend of sub cultures that have shied away from society because of being judged wrongly or just being different. They live the way they want and still with in the law in most cases.

Goth Dress
Goth Dress | Source

Gothic Wear

What is worn now with color I find more interesting, I do not know if it is considered Goth wear. The color can make them a blend of Gothic and grunge or another sub culture that wears color mixed with old style clothing that looks to be Gothic.

You have the punk rock style that wears these colorful clothes that can be blending in, punk rockers wear dark clothing that is not always black as well as the other colors. Their style does not seem to have any particulars other then wild and worn looking.

The blending or these lifestyles emerging for new attention can be the cause of the new interest in dressing this way. You have the hardcores that make it a lifestyle, then you have the so called "posers or fakers" that dress up this way for a night out.

Goth Shoes
Goth Shoes | Source


See how a little color makes these boots come to life, they are Gothic to the core and the flowers give them a new look on life.

These shoes are wild with the color added, gives a feminine touch to the hard sexiness

5 stars for Gothic Shoes
Goth shoes
Goth shoes | Source


Tattoos have always been part of the punk rock lifestyle, I never noticed it being Gothic wear or in grunge. It could have been and I overlooked it, now tattoos have become acceptable in many lifestyles and look good in some and great in others. I love the dark clothing with some colorful accents and feminine tattoos on a women. This may not be the type of woman I want to marry but they have a hot sexy look to them that is appealing for a night out.

This look is what the professional people or the ones that are young and still living at home try to emulate when they dress this way. The hardcore Goths should take this a compliment to them dressing like them instead of calling them posers or fakers. Not everyone has the freedom to dress or live a hardcore lifestyle even if they like it.

Goth | Source


Now vampires light my fire and when they look like this I may willingly give them my neck, they have the dark clothing and eyes most of the time. In this image the hair is not dark, I would have found it sexy either way. Being blond lends some color to being mysterious and brings in another form of sexy, tell me if that rose was bright red that this female would not be extremely sexy in this image. The blond hair blends in to both the pale skin and dark clothing and eyes, this ties the whole package together.

I find vampires interesting and the females can be downright beautiful in an off the wall type of way.

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Gothic Motion
Gothic Motion | Source

Pale White

Getting that pale white color is hardest to pull off unless you live like a vampire and never go out in sunlight, even that is not enough for most people. I am naturally tan coming from certain parts of Italy that my parents do, I could never be white without some help. You can wear the clothes and accessories, you need the pale skin to pull the whole look together, the paleness makes the colors pop.

If you live the lifestyle hardcore you know how to accomplish this, here is something I use that works well. You hardcore Goths may even want to try it, you may like it better then what you are using now.

The white foundation has an outstanding pale natural look, I do not think you could look any paler without looking fake. This is a must have to look pale, it pulls the dark colors together.

My girlfriend loves these boots, they are Gothic wear without being uncomfortable. With all the buckles and straps she changes the accessories and chains on them and makes them look like different boots. You get more for your money with these without sacrificing comfort.

© 2015 Vince


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