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Gothic Lingerie | Lingerie To Groan By

Updated on October 16, 2009

Are you a childe of the night? Does your soul only know darkness? Is creation little more than the death scream of an agonized god? Do you think you look kind of fetching in spider / vamire / period themed clothing? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you should seriously consider investing in some gothic lingerie. Imagine it. Delightful silky misery brushing against your skin with every step. Every wispy touch of lace reminding you of the impermanence of this world and the waiting embrace of death.

Even if you're not obsessed by all that is dark and wrong, you may find that you look damn fine in black, highly stylized lingerie.

Leg Avenue Goth Bodystocking

Leg Avenue have no qualms when it comes to satisfying the demands of a fickle marketplace. Those people will make anything. Fortunately, they made this, which is a very cute (is it okay to call something gothic cute? You can put a curse on me if you don't like it.) body stocking, garter and stocking set. Look at that, lingerie clad from bust to toe.

Red Mesh Set

Of course, being goth isn't all about wearing black. Blood red is also acceptable too, as a symbol of the blood which courses through your tortured veins. The blood of the Count Dracul. The blood of the innocents of Twilight. Yes. That blood.

This pretty sequined red mesh set is perfect for the lingerie lover with gothic tendencies. Note the see through nature of the top, it hides very little, yet it is trimmed so prettily with lace.

Suspender Basque

Goths also have an affinity for vinyl, because vinyl is the dark product of man, just like they are. Vinyl is also shiny. Shinies! This sweet number is guaranteed to give you a lovely feminine shape whilst also declaring to the world 'Oh yeah, I totally don't care! I don't! Ow! Don't hurt me! Argh! Sorry! I care!'

Candy Cane Ruffles

I add this, not because I think it is gothic in the slightest, but because I found it in the lingerie section of a goth site, and I appreciated the deep irony of it. Do goths like iron? Perhaps only if it is skewered into their tortured flesh.

On the plus size, it is a cute little dress and would be a lovely addition to anyone's wardrobe. Don't expect to be taken seriously at the coven meeting behind the local library though.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago from Central Coast NSW Australia

      I think i'll buy that PVC number. But not till i lose some weight.


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