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Grammy Rules Change Fashion

Updated on August 31, 2013

When is a revealing gown too revealing?

When is revealing fashion too revealing? What looks great on ordinary women?
When is revealing fashion too revealing? What looks great on ordinary women? | Source

Beyonce is Glamorous While Dressing Conservatively

Beyonce is a great role model and knows when to be conservative and when it is appropriate to reveal more skin
Beyonce is a great role model and knows when to be conservative and when it is appropriate to reveal more skin | Source

Fashion for Ordinary Women

Floaty blue dress looks great on ordinary women.
Floaty blue dress looks great on ordinary women. | Source

Do you think the New Grammy Fashion Rules will have a positive impact on women's fashion?

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Fashion Trends May Change for The Better

Glamorous Fashion Doesn’t Have to be Revealing

The 2013 Grammy Awards new fashion rules shifted the way designers created the glitzy gowns for America’s top female stars.

In years past, it seemed as if designers competed to see who could create the most flamboyant, exotic gown, which covered the least amount of body and used the least amount of fabric. Stars paid big money to reveal their body parts to the world.

This year, however, the New Grammy Fashion Rules proved once and for all that high fashion does not have to bare all. Today's fashion divas—even those who pushed the boundaries of the rule book—were glamorous without revealing their private parts.

Is Beyonce Setting a new Trend?

Beyonce, who stepped out in a vivid black and white pants outfit, proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that women can look dressed up, sexy, and glam while covering up from neck to ankle. Because of her popularity and stellar reputation, she is a role model to women ranging from teenagers to the elderly. Because she chose to respect the rules and be a leader in conservative fashion, women everywhere will begin to see that dressing in the latest style does not mean they need to bare their bust lines, behinds, tummies, or butt cheeks.

It seems that Beyonce recognizes the fact that it is one thing to wear a costume that resembles lingerie while performing on stage, as she did in her Super Bowl Half-time performance, yet quite another thing to bare all at a formal event like the Grammy Awards.

Clothes That Look Great on Normal Women

The Grammy Fashion Rule Book changes will have a positive impact on women all across America. For years now, women of all shapes and sizes have been cramming themselves into low-cut slacks and even lower-cut tops in order to dress in the latest fashion—or, because that is all that is offered in stores. The problem with this is that the majority of ordinary women have problems looking good and staying comfortable in that type of revealing fashion.

One example of this is the low-riders that will not stay in place. Many women put on their low-cut jeans, and stand in front of the mirror with their tummy held in. They check out the front view, side view and crane their next to look over their shoulder to see the back view. Things might not look perfect, but they look pretty good—until they start moving around. This same woman that started out looking good soon begins to experience the popping-out syndrome. The already low-cut jeans start shifting lower. The muffin tops start rising. The tight, clingy top starts creeping up, and pretty soon, her clothes look nothing like they did when she examined herself in front of the mirror. Then, she gets into her car or hops a subway train to go to work. While she is doing this, her jeans begin to stretch a little, and when she stands up, her crack is showing and try as she may, the jeans just do not stay in place.

Another problem some women experience with the low-rider jeans is that they put pressure on the hip, or pelvic bone, which causes pain. Although there are several “heights”, or rises, to low-cut jeans, those rises each come with their respective issues. These issues create a predicament for most ordinary women!

Unless a women has no excess flab and has a great figure, it is likely that she will not look great in the fashions that currently clog todays stores and online clothing outlets. Most women have imperfect figures. Even many women who eat healthy and get regular exercise do not have the media iconic perfection that movie stars attain with their personal trainers, nutrition experts, and chefs who prepare all their meals for them. With all of those experts helping them, most stars admit to having cosmetic surgery to help them look their best. Ordinary women just cannot afford to have diet and exercise coaches living in their homes to help them look good.

Setting a Great Example for Young Women

The women who embraced the New Grammy Rules for Fashion are setting a great example for young women everywhere. Their compliance and success in looking glamorous while wearing gowns that were less revealing will go a long way toward setting fashion trends that every ordinary woman can embrace.

Everyone knows that the stars and media-hype have created nearly impossible standards for today’s women. We have all seen or heard reports of teens and young women staving themselves to attain a body that is only an illusion—projected on-screen or in magazines where images are filtered and air-brushed to create a look of sheer perfection.

This is not to say that women should not make every effort to be healthy and reasonably fit. However, realistic goals and role models must play a part in setting fashion trends for ordinary women.

In conclusion, the key point is this: Since the stars and the media have such a great impact on women’s fashion and self-esteem, the New Grammy Fashion Rules will allow women everywhere to begin to shift to a more comfortable fashion reality.

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