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Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews

Updated on April 21, 2015

Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews

Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews

The following Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews will give you everything you need to know about the advanced technology footwear you may have heard in the media. Is it all it's made out to be?

Walking on foot and doing exercises is one of the reasons why sometimes you feel more fatigue on the lower half of your body. Jogging, running or jumping often shocks your feet and legs and you often don’t know about it either.

Now if you are experiencing pain on the leg muscles, feet or back, Gravity Defyer Shoes might be able to help, as they are supposedly designed to absorb shocks and eliminate the pain of every step. Also, Gravity Defyer Shoes are made to propel you forward which is supposed to help you reduce fatigue too.

Do Gravity Defyer Shoes Work?

If you want to feel “like you’re walking on the clouds” and that “pain propels you to move forward by bouncing off the shocks” then Gravity Defyer Shoes are supposed work for you.....get real! Let's not talk nonsense.

But real terms though, reports do indicate that a lot of people have noticed much improvement and better comfort with these shoes compared to conventional ones. Intended to relieve pain under the notion of comfortable shoe wear, Gravity Defyer Shoes reduces and eliminates stress in your body with its technology.

How Are Gravity Defyer Shoes Used?

Most users found in Gravity Defyer shoes reviews wear them an normal everyday shoes. Many people who wear shoes to work have changed to these shoes. They now also have a sports shoe range too.

How does Gravity Defyer Shoes Work?

Since footwear and health are seldom interrelated with one another until Gravity Defyer Shoes, the product appears to have been a benefit to many of its users with its four (4) main features as described from their site:

  • It has the VersoShock trampoline Heel Membrane which absorbs the harmful bouts of gravity and storing it temporarily. Once the stored energy is released, activities are made easier you do it with less effort.
  • Smart Memory Master Spring. Situated at the heel, it aids the trampoline in reducing max out forces.
  • Twin Stabilizers which provides lateral stability enforcing linear motion in correspondence to your body’s direction.
  • Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) Midsole acts as the shoe's flexible spine, creating a natural rocking bed caring the delicate metatarsal bones of your feet.

Research on feedback from users

We excluded testimonials from the Gravity Defyer site to eliminate biased reviews.

  • put Gravity defyer shoes on their top 10 list of gimmicky shoes.
  • gives a positive experience and reduced pain from using the shoes: "just possibly the best I've ever worn"
  • The BBB Better business Bureau gives Gravity Defyer a rating of A+. They received complaints mainly with the issues of billing disputes.
  • gives the company and products scores an A+
  • has four reviews as of now with an overall rating of 4 out of 5.
  • has five reviews as of now with an overall rating of 5 out of 5.



- Many references of positive feedback from users that seem to support the improvements in pain and posture from using these shoes.

- Established company

-Wide range of styles for men and women


- More expensive than conventional shoes

- Read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid disputes with the payment policies.

- Can only experience Gravity Defyer shoes benefit if you use them on a regular basis of your daily activities.


This product is recommended for people who are suffering with fatigue, pain or discomfort from their present footwear and are looking for a viable alternative to improve posture and general wellbeing.

Only purchase the products from the Gravity Defyer Shoes site rather than on market places as we have come across some reports from some people using second hand or counterfeit versions and coming across problems.

Prices and Discounts or Promotions

Since Gravity Defyer Shoes categorizes products according to its kind, the following prices are a general price range of each.

For Women – Flats: $99.95 - $139.95

For Men – Athletics: $129.95 - $139.95

Casual: $140 - $155

Dress: $134.95 - $260

Sandals: $155

There is a coupon code that gives 15% off purchases. Click here for the site. Hope you found the Gravity Defyer Shoes Reviews useful.

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