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Greaseless Men's Hair Products; Great Styling Products For Greaseless Control

Updated on February 2, 2012

If you're anything like me, you're tired of shelling out cash on new hair products each and every time you run out. Wouldn't it be nice to find something that works for you that doesn't leave your hair and hands a disgusting mess? There's nothing worse than running your hand through your hair midway through the day and choking on a cloud of your own hair gel. Here you will find a select few greaseless men's hair products, as well as a few simple tips for hair control.

Suave Groom and Clean

Suave Groom and Clean has been around for years now, and provides men with a greaseless way of keeping their hair looking fresh and clean. The product contains only a few ingredients, including water, mineral oil, fragrance, and a handful of other minerals and chemicals. Since this product is water-based, it easily washes out with a quick rinse and leaves your hands feeling smooth rather than sticky. I have been using this product for a few weeks now, and I have yet to encounter any flaking or dandruff throughout the day. The product is designed to clean dirt, grime, and dandruff from your hair while providing an all-natural hold.

Because of its water base, Groom and Clean will never build up in your hair. This product is best used if you wish to give your hair a slight lift or keep it tamed down all together. I personally live with thick, frizzy hair that I want to keep confined and looking clean. This product allows me to have a natural, clean looking hold that eliminates straggling hairs from jutting out random spots on my head. This is a non-sticky, easy to use holding product and is my favorite candidate for replacing hair gel.

Vitalis Hair Tonic

Vitalis Hair Tonic has also been around for quite some time. This product reeks of alcohol, but in a manly 'aftershave' sort of way. This product is designed more to revitalize your hair, almost acting like a root-booster in some instances. If you're looking to eliminate frizzy hair, this product will take a few uses to keep your hair tamed down. Vitalis is best used when styling with a hair dryer, as it provides an all-natural hold that will maintain the overall structure of your hair. Apply to dry or slightly damp hair to make your hair easier to manage and work with. This product won't exactly hold your hair frizz, but will definitely hold your overall hair structure. Continued use most definitely gives your hair a healthier, more controlled look. Vitalis and other hair tonics are liquid in composition, as opposed to the toothpaste-like gel of Suave Groom and Clean.

Lucky Tiger and Jeris Hair Tonics

Lucky Tiger Three Purpose Hair Tonic is similar to Vitalis in composition, but contains more oils that aid in conditioning and holding your hair the way you want it. The smell can be overpowering at first, but a few small squirts into your hand is all you will need to condition your hair. The smell fades pleasantly after a few minutes and leaves your hair looking healthy and vitalized. Lucky Tiger is hard to come across these days, but is still relied upon by older customers to help keep their hair intact. Jeris is more of the same and is more widely distributed, thus making its cost a bit cheaper than its teacher.

Brylcreem Hair Cream

Another old-school favorite is Brylcreem Hair Cream. Still widely available, this product is the stickiest of those provided. It will, however, provide you with exceptionally manageable hair that is easy to comb and style. Shampooing takes a lot out of your hair, and this product puts that lost vitality back into it. Use immediately after showering for a clean, suave look. Brylcreem contains mineral oil and beeswax, giving your hair a silk-like feeling.

American Crew Pomade

This product also has a bit more of a gel-like characteristic. A small dab is enough your hair locked into place for the entire day; providing great frizz and overall style control. This product is great for any hair style, especially curly hair. American Crew Pomade is wonderful for keeping straight hair straight and unmanageable hair under complete frizz control. This unisex hair pomade keeps your hair looking light, weightless, and under your complete control. More washing may be required than the other products to remove flakes, but it is still a vast improvement over most Garnier Fructis and Loreal gels and pomades.

Have you tried or switched to any of the above products?

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