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Long Hair Is A Beauty Secret

Updated on August 1, 2017

Our Long Hair Is Our Beauty Secret


Stay Always Beautiful With Long Hair

We know that hair is the most important thing for us to look at our best. So keep that hair beautiful, full, shiny and always long.

Beside having the beautiful long, healthy and shiny hair as a beauty secret, here are some other great beauty secrets that could guarantee you to always look beautiful;

  • Know how to switch off. Often we caught up with all the activity and when we have some days off we should know how to completely switch off, not to get up early and have a lazy morning for instance.
  • Indulge your self in a sweet treat. Sweets give us the energy, have them during your tea or coffee time. Keep an eye on the portion of course, and not over indulge.
  • Having bad breakfast and good lunch. Any time we know that we have a bad breakfast then we should compensate it during lunch.
  • Simple procedure of skincare every day. Always wash our make up off before bed time and put on moisturizer.
  • Pay attention on our eyes. Good mascara and eye shadows are very important to look good.
  • About the gym and other sport activities. Exercise should be fun thing to do. If we have not much willingness of going to the gym, then put on some good music and dance, even if we are on our own at home.
  • Find the right hair color that suits best for you. We should not be afraid to make experiment on finding the best color for our best look.
  • Routinely go for facial or even massages. To get us fully relax while getting our face taken care.

Keeping Long Hair Beautiful


Tips On Techniques On Washing Hair

There are some points you need to know on the right techniques of washing your hair;


  • Like most thing in life when we are doing washing or laundering.
  • First thing we are doing is rinsing before we are adding the soap or detergent.
  • Hair should all wet before we are adding the shampoo.
  • Using hot water will open well the hair cuticle. Which is the best way in removing any dirt or any products that stay or stuck in the hair.
  • The hot water is helping us to rinse well the oils through the scalp, with an effect that the hair cuticle is open, and able to absorb the oil of the conditioner we are applying.


  • When we have long hair or when they are beneath our shoulders, we need to protect the fragile ends from drying out.
  • We need to apply small amount of conditioner through them the fragile ends, and be sure that you rinse them only lightly before we are using the shampoo.
  • This way, we will not only keep ends of our hair healthy, but it will fill all the holes in the hair cuticle with moisture. With end results of smoother and shinier hair.


  • Using the right amount of shampoo is important.
  • Over applying the shampoo it will only dry out our hair or even our scalp.

Do it gently.

  • We need to wash our hair gently like if we are washing very carefully our delicate by hand wash.
  • Always start by the lather at the roots, as it may increase the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth with vertical strokes movements with medium pressure.
  • Never do it with circular motions, we wouldn't want that our hair is all tangled.

No need of repeating.

  • Ignore the instructions that we find on the back of the shampoo bottles, there is really no need to wash our hair twice or three times.
  • We need to avoid stripping the hair by washing it with shampooing once only. Unless, if we find that our hair is extremely dirty.

Adding the conditioner from the middle lengths to the hair ends or the tips.

  • After we rinse well the shampoo, squeeze some water away then apply the conditioner, clip your hair up then continue finish showering.
  • This way we are leaving the conditioner rinse out only on the last moment of the shower. The longer we let the conditioner stays on our hair, the more efficient it absorbs.
  • By the way, remember that never put the conditioner at the roots of our hair, we have enough natural oil from our scalp that is concentrated there.

Lastly, rinsing with cold water.

  • By using cold water it will shut the hair cuticle very tight.
  • We will have our hair in the most shiny condition.

Apart all those important points above mentioned, we need to use only shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for our hair type.

For instance, is our hair a dry type? If yes, then we need to use the moisturizing products only. If our hair is colored, then aim for a product that with color safe formula.

And when we have fine hair, its better to use the volumizing shampoo that tend to leave our hair drier.

Knowing How To Wash Your Hair, Keeping Long Full Hair Is Part Of The Great Beauty Secrets

Knowing how to wash your hair with the correct techniques that will make a different in your hair's health, beauty, shine and bounce is vital.

And if you make mistakes on your techniques of washing your hair, then you are likely to damage your hair, you could be damaging your strands without even realizing it.


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