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Great Foot Balms & Creams For Healthy Feet

Updated on February 10, 2013

If you suffer from dry feet or cracked heels - you'll need a good foot cream. Our feet are important and unless there's something wrong with them - we tend to forget all about them. Over the years I've met many people that have paid little or no attention to their feet.

Of those - many certainly haven't experienced any real problems. The rest - they've ranged from suffering from infections that have required the use on an antifungal cream (such as athletes foot) to having dry, painful cracked heels.

Now - if the skin on the foot gets infected or dry - or both - you're going to feel pretty miserable. The best way to avoid either issue is be prevention. There's nothing hard about moisturizing our feet after a shower - takes two minutes. Featured below are the five best foot creams. Treat your feet ... before they remind you what you need them for!

Miracle of Aloe Miracle Foot Repair Cream

This is the best selling foot cream and hailed as a miracle cream for the feet. Now - I have a thing about miracle anything when it relates to hair and beauty products - as there's no such thing. However you can and do find products that come close to being a wonder product - and this is one of them.

This one contains a high concentrate of Aloe Vera - which is known for its healing and moisturizing properties. Used regularly it will repair and rehydrate - and then heal whatever it is you're using it for. It's great on crack heels, dry and/or itchy skin - and also does a good job of dealing with foot odor. Nice product and it's affordable.

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Creme

If you've ever used O'Keefes hand cream - then you'll know your feet are in for a treat with this product - and it's the best diabetic foot cream. Problems with the feet are a concern to diabetics, in particular peripheral neuropathy.

Health professionals always advise diabetes sufferers to take extra care of their feet and a part of their daily health routine should include keeping their feet clean and injury free.

Using a cream such as this one helps prevent dry skin, keeps the feet soft and supple and helps the diabetic keep an eye on how their feet are doing. It's an awesome cream for sore, dry, cracked heels - extremely nourishing and moisturizing. Recommended buy.

Flexitol Heel Balm

This is the best heel cream and a good foot cream in general. As the name suggests it does feel like it's more of a balming lotion when you apply it and it certainly does a great job or soothing cracked heels and sore feet over time.

It's another recommended foot care product for sufferers of diabetes, as well as being a favorite with dermatologists and other health professionals.

Used in conjunction with a pumice stone or a foot file, you will experience a marked difference in the health of your feet and begin to have feet that are re-hydrated and rejuvenated once again.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream

This is another good foot cream - and it's also incredibly cheap. Despite the price tag this is an excellent quality moisturizing cream for the feet and continued use will see a reduction in calluses, cracked heel and dry, rough skin patches.

It absorbs rapidly and will keep your feet hydrated throughout the day - and a little goes an awful long way. It's a lovely, rich lotion, creamy and definitely starts the healing process within days of using it. If you want a great cream on a low budget - give it a try. You won't be disappointed by either the quality of the product or the value for money.

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm

This is the best natural anti fungal foot cream - in that it contains tea tree oil as a part of what goes into the tube. Tea tree is a naturally occurring product that produces anti bacterial agents - which helps fight against infection, as well as heals and repairs.

You'll also find it contains Aloe Vera - another of Mother Nature's organic healing and soothing agents and a dash of Chamomile - great for moisturizing and re-hydrating dry, damaged skin. This one's a great all rounder - good for those that suffer from skin disorders as well as being a stand alone foot balm for dry and tired feet.

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