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Great Jewelry Design Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2010

Jewelry Design Ideas

Sterling silver is pretty but can be emphasized more if it was given a color such as blue, red, or even a light yellow. Jewelry design ideas, not related to gem stones or beads, exist to create some lovely pieces.

Do you know what material could help add color if you perform some adjustment such as glueing dripping onto the metal or bonding.?

You have to mix first the glue with a tick and the low-tech materials could be used in work. You can beef up the results by using these materials.

Epoxy is the finished product of a 2 part mixture of hardener and resin. After you mixed it wait for few moments to make the clear plastic substance to be sturdy and glossy. Then, it can be glued, drilled, and then sanded. It is similar to fifty polished coats and could make a mirror finish.

You've got to add some color right.? Here it goes. You can permeate the color by using different materials like makeup powder jello kool-aid or ordinary paint. Let your imagination do the works.

You can try doing layers here too. You can try dripping or impressing it into a sterling or copper sheet section and pour into sections right after. Dipping is another method that fosters creativity. Make sure that when you use Epoxy you will not let it touch any item or it will get stuck to it. You can hold it or hang it.

You can buy Epoxy in 2 parts from a hardware store. You can find it in craft and hobby stores too. Bottles and syringes are popular methods of distribution. If you desire more than this, often it can be purchased in larger quantities as well.

There are a few basic facts to know about Epoxy before you use it on your jewelry. It is quick and is available in both 11 and 5 minute time frames. There is an array of choices for this but these two are the most common. Make sure that you will work with the material in the allotted time and that you will only produce what you think will be needed since you cannot use it the spare material again. Scrap paper is a good way to use the chemical or even a disposable plate or bowl. Avoid ingesting it as well.

Then we'll proceed to the next material. See if you can guess this one. What is a common material that is liquid and solid, moldable, can be hardened, and is available in any color of the rainbow.?

It is called Polymer clay. This material is consist of polyvinyl chloride and is commonly known as Sculpey and Friendly Clay. What's odd about it is that there is really no clay in its content.

Polymer clay has a variety of uses. It can be used in mosaics by gluing little pieces onto metal sheets. Sterling tubing can be used and filled with clay to create unique pieces. There are an assortment of ways that you can use liquid clays and powders for you to make jewelries which are unique and artistic in designs.

Of course, before working with polymer clay, you need to know a few things about it. Polymer clays may vary with each other since manufacturers may make it differently with each other. You need to mold the clay with your hands before you can use it. There are also some who uses their creative side and place it in a baggie and sit on it. Make sure that you will only use the clay with the thing that requires of it. Have it preserved.

Safety is a priority when you work with any material. Read the precautions and don't inhale it or melt or glue anything that shouldn't be glued. When you're designing let your creative juices flow and don't be afraid to try different things. You never know what will be created with these new jewelry design ideas.


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