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Hair Repair: Great Products for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Updated on October 3, 2011
Frizz - Straight making
Frizz - Straight making | Source
Time Reset
Time Reset | Source

Great Products for Drying, Aging or Fly-Away Hair

I have to admit, I am a candidate for all three of the above categories. Also, as a cancer survivor, my hair seemed to become frizzy after chemo and has continued to be dry. I have always colored my hair which also damages hair. I complained to my stylist and was told to try different high quality shampoos.

Shampoos are important, especially for color treated hair. I have used the most expensive to the least expensive as long as it was for dry, damaged, and color treated hair. The conditioners that are the mates to these shampoos are great. I don’t always use the same brand of shampoo as conditioner, but Redken is the best product in both categories in my opinion. Some salon products are sold in retail stores now, but the prices do vary a little. You may have to check several sources to get your best price.

An article on drying hair attracts me like flies to honey. With a new stylist, and years of looking, I have finally found products which I feel are working for me. I love them. If you are having any of the above problems, I would definitely recommend them.

As I begin to use these products, I have to admit that I thought I was using way too much product on my hair, but I was willing to try anything and only a small amount of each is needed.

1. First, after towel drying I use FRIZZ by Living proof. I spray on a small amount and use a comb to make sure the product covers the hair completely.

2. Next, I use REDKEN’s Time Reset –Corrective Defense. It’s a pump, and I put a small amount in the palm of my hand. Again I use a comb to distribute the product completely.

3. The above two products are sold in retail stores that handle those lines, but I could only find them online. They may be easier to find on the store shelves as customers begin to find out how good they are.

4. I then take a small amount of Fructis Style by Garier and place it in the palm of my hand. It gives the hair texture and body.

5. Beside the texturizer, I place a small drop of Argan Oil which is one of the Moroccan Oils that seem to be the rage in salons right now. Moroccan oils are great products. There are several brands to pick from. It will definitely pay to shop around for the best price. It only takes a small amount so a small bottle will last months.

Following the above, I style and blow dry as usual. I put a small amount of finishing wax to keep the style in place. If you have tried the finishing waxes continue to use the one that works best for your style. I usually let my hair cool before I decide if I will need to use one of the small ceramic flats. They are hard on the hair too. It may depend on the style and activities that youI will be involved in for the day.

Have a Great Hair Day!!!!


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