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Green Eggs And Ham Clothing

Updated on April 2, 2012


Welcome to the Green Eggs and Ham boutique. Do you see anything you like? Try them, try them and you may I say!

Here you can choose from a variety of Green Eggs and Ham t-shirts, pyjamas, a baby's bib, infant onesies and shorts. So please look around and if you see anything you like you may try it here or there; I can probably even find a fox and a box if that is how you would like to try this Green Eggs and Ham clothing.


Green Eggs And Ham T Shirt

Let us start with one of the most popular items of Green Eggs and Ham clothing; a superb green t-shirt with Sam-I-Am offering his platter of putrid provisions.

This t-shirt is suitable for a wide variety of Dr Seuss fans and comes in brilliant green eggs and ham green with one of the most recognizable illustrations of Sam-I-Am that there is.

This is the best selling item in the Green Eggs and Ham boutique!


Train Crash T Shirt

Here is another Green Eggs and Ham T Shirt for your inspection and perusal.

On the front of this shirt is an illustration from the book; one of the most memorable scenes, close to the end of the book, where the train carrying Sam-I-Am, the Nameless Sceptic, the Fox, the Mouse, the Goat and all the other characters goes crashing into the sea.

This is brilliant, stylish and distinctively Dr Seuss!

Try this Green Eggs and Ham t-shirt on madam and see if it suits you.

Sam-I-Am Sleep Shorts For Women

Madam can go to bed wearing this multi-coloured pair of shorts featuring her favourite Dr Seuss character - Sam-I-Am - with illustrations of him offering the silly serving and holding up a sign with his name on it.

Customer reviews suggest that these shorts come up a little small, so be aware and order a size slightly larger than you would normally.

Stylish sleepwear indeed!

Green Eggs And Ham Pyjamas

Oh how I wish these were available when I was child! These Green Eggs and Ham pyjamas are so stylish, I would have been dancing around like Sam-I-Am before going to bed if I had been wearing these to sleep in.

One pair features plates of Green Eggs and Ham as well as illustrations from the story, whilst the other pair is decorated in pictures of Sam-I-Am and his name in words.

If only these pyjamas came in adult sizes. Oh well, the kids will just have to enjoy them instead.


Green Eggs and Ham Infant Onesie

Dress your infant in the peak of Dr Seuss's sartorial styles with this elegant bright orange Sam-I-Am infant onesie.

Your very own little Sam-I-Am will look adorable wearing this item and you may just turn him or her into a lifelong reader of Dr Seuss books in the process.

Let your infant try this on here, or try it on there, although I would not suggest letting them try it on with a goat for safety's sake.

Green Eggs and Ham Bibs

For our youngest customers we have this selection of the finest Green Eggs and Ham bibs to help protect your clothing from stray pieces of green eggs or ham.

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