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Grey Tuxedo

Updated on July 18, 2010
Cucinelli himself wearing his grey tuxedo.
Cucinelli himself wearing his grey tuxedo.

Tuxedos typically come in black. This is the classical and most elegant color. But what about a light grey tuxedo? Well, not long ago, Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli invented the grey tuxedo.

Anecdotes have it that at the beginning he was wearing it only in his house, in the evening, not showing it to anyone. He was afraid and a little embarrassed. But he did like it a lot. He loved it. Then, one evening, he found the courage and decided to wear it for the Opera. And guess what happened? It was a success. Everybody asked him: Where did you buy it? How can I get one like this? And so, the light grey tuxedo became a commercial product.

Elesewhere I complained that men tend to all wear the same colors. A light grey tuxedo is a great variation that is, at the same, not too eccentric and provocative. Brunello Cucinelli is an interesting figure among Italian fashion designers, who innovate buy staying within the tradition. I plan to write on him more in the future, and I have already written another hub (actually my first hub!).


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      Scott 6 years ago

      Can I wear a light grey tuxedo in February?