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Grey Hair Dye: A Choice or a Necessity?

Updated on March 18, 2011

Grey hair dye has become a trend today. Old and young people from both sexes have used grey hair dye to improve or change their hair colour.

Grey Hair Dye for Older Men and Women

Grey hair dye was originally used by older men and women to cover or even out their silver hair. While younger people use this shade nowadays to treat their hair, grey hair dye looks better or more suitable for older people.

Mature people also opt to dye their hair with this shade to give their crowning glory a solid gray colour. A nice uniform gray colour in your tresses looks better than having black or brown hair with streaks of silver or white.

It is also a better alternative than having to dye your hair again and again to combat the look of aging.

Grey Hair Dye for Younger Men and Women

Younger people have also experimented with grey dyes for their hair. Grey tresses on the younger set may not look good on all but some can actually pull it off. However, unlike the case with older people, young men and women need to be careful in the amount or proportion of grey dye that is applied to their hair for optimum effects.

Some people also opt to dye their hair gray to obtain a more distinguished and refined appearance.

Grey Hair Dye Application

Most people would opt to dye their hair at home by themselves. There are actually brush-on and do-it-yourself treatments available in the market today. However, the best way to dye your hair is to visit a salon. A uniform application and more favourable results are guaranteed when your hair is dyed by experts.

Before, people only use gray hair dye to cover up the silver hair growing in their tresses. However, more and more people dye their hair gray today for fashion purposes.

Get the Fashionable, Classy Silver Locks with Grey Hair Dye

So, have you finally made the decision to color your hair gray? Gray hair is now very popular and trendy. It is not frowned upon anymore like in the old days when people only look at it as a sign of oldness.

Nowadays, it is looked at as a sign of wisdom and has become quite fashionable. Celebrities like Richard Gere and Jamie Lee Curtis have contributed a lot in making gray hair stylish and cool. In order to achieve that classy gray hair look, there are several ways you can you can take.

The most practical way is to use semi-permanent or temporary grey hair dye kits. These home kits are easy to use and can be purchased in many places. You just have to follow the instructions carefully in order to get your desired outcome. Grey hair dye kits come in different shades and are a lot cheaper than going to the salon. The problem is that the color lasts only up to six months.

Going to the salon is another way to achieve that classy gray hair look. The main advantage is that a professional will be able to do exactly what you want. They have a lot of experience in this matter so there will be no problems like uneven coloring. Professional hair colorists will also be able to recommend the best shade of gray for you. The main problem with going to the salon is the price. It is several times what you would spend on home kits.

Your hairstyle is very important in order to pull off that elegant gray hair look. Short hair is preferable for gray hair but it really depends on the features of the particular person. A proper hairstyle should be able to hide the flaws of your face. It is important to find a good hairstylist and be open to suggestions. 


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      7 years ago

      My hair is naturally this way now and all I do is use a silver brightening shampoo on it made by Aveda called Blue Malva and it keeps my silver hair looking really nice. I was born a natural blonde.


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