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Gringo Cow Fashion Boots Are The Rave

Updated on March 28, 2013

Cow Girl Boots For Me

I have been passively looking for great cowboy boots for the last two years. I did not want replicas made from vinyl, pleather or rubber. I noticed last year the western boots were making a comeback. I purchased one pair at ankle-height. They were not exactly what i was looking, but the fit was great for me. Also at that, time there were no other styles available I could pick from. The color was not my favorite. But being that it was a carmel; a color I did not own in my closet, I bought them. I also knew i would be wearing them with a a pair of boot-cut or flare jeans.

These Franko Sarto boots cost about $75.00 on sale. At retail they were more than $100.00.I thought this was a steal because the boot was leather and very soft. The heel measured 1.5 inches. A very comfortable height!

I wore these last fall, but was still aching a for authentic cow girl boots.

My Update on these Spectacular Boots

I am here to tell you today, March 28, 2013, that I love these boots. I have flat feet and wore these boots for 6 months while standing on my feet all day. They are so comfortable.They were a bit pricey, but they are worth every penny and I get lots of compliments on the pattern. Leopard is not a common print you see on cowboy boots. I am tempted to get another pair in some funky pattern because they are so comfortable. They go with everything I wear.

Frank Sarto Ankle Boots

Gringos Are Stylish and Some Are Pricey

I walked into a boutique shoe store and tried a pair on. They were rasberry with brown with a butterfly motif on the front of boot. I loved the color. I nearly passed out at the price tag. Yes, they cost about $545.00 for the hand made authentic Gringo boots.

I tried on their most current styles. Many of the newer styles have embroidery. They are georgeous. The practical side of me crept in. "How much would I wear this boot and does it go with the rest of my wardrobe?"

I went online to hunt down Gringo boots to see if they had other styles. They have an amazing story. 100% of their boots are handcrafted in Leon Mexico. Gringo boots are for fashionistas and career minded. Gringo offers luxury goods in Vintage, Contemporary, Rockstar and European.

Gringo in 3 different Styles

The Boot Test

Boot #1, from left

The brown boot on the left had beautiful gold stitching. You have to see the stitching in person. I loved the richness of color. It was my 2nd choice.

Boot #2

Soft, nu-buck, easy to put on, love the print, would match most of my wardrobe.

Boot #3 It was a shorter boot, soft leather, easy to put on, very nice, but the style did nothing for me.

My final choice was #3. I love leopard prints! I was so excited when I saw these. Until I researched Gringo, I never knew a print like this existed. I also wanted a tall boot.

Do You Want Tall or Short

Gringo boots come in different lengths. Some I noticed were 13 and 12 inches. That inch could make the different for some.
Gringo boots come in different lengths. Some I noticed were 13 and 12 inches. That inch could make the different for some.

Buy Leather Because Your Feet Will Breath

If you stand on you stand on your feet and do a lot of walking at work like I do, comfort always come first. I never sacrifice my comfort. I have sold shoes in the past and if the shoes does not fit comfortably when you slip it on, IT NEVER WILL. So many women will buy a shoe or boot and think they can stretch it and make it work around their foot. Those boots will just collect dust because they hurt you feet.

I tend to be a snob about shoes. I want leather and comfort. It seems manufacturers will make plastic, leather-look alike knock-offs. I want real leather. Leather breathes. Have you ever worn anything plastic or petroleum based only to find that your feet get hot, swollen and sweaty?

More Boot Details

The straps to pull boots on make it a cinch!
The straps to pull boots on make it a cinch!
I like lowers heels. This one is 1.5 inches.
I like lowers heels. This one is 1.5 inches. | Source
Look at the toe box. Some come with a pointier toe, this one is not.
Look at the toe box. Some come with a pointier toe, this one is not.
Stitching details are beautiful.
Stitching details are beautiful.

Trying on Different Boots

I wanted to try on other boots and styles so I went to Zappos. I like their return policy. This was also my first time shopping at Zappos. Zappos also had the leopard print boot. I looked at Amazon, but discovered they did not have the styles that I wanted or would consider wearing. You can find Gringo's for under $300.00 and some sell well over $800.00. The choice is up to you, your taste, comfort and wallet.

Care and Repair of Boot

I always weatherproof my boots with a shoe spray before wearing them in the rain. These boots can be reheeled and resoled at any shoe cobbler. But check around and see if they will do a good job.

I did find this place called, They specialize in cow boots. You can send your boots in for repair here. It cost $65.00 and 8-10 business days. Sounds great to me !


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Really nice boots! I prefer the taller versions since my feet are short, hiding them under jeans or skirts works better for me. Good hub post.

    • Thallia profile image

      Thallia Roberts 5 years ago from West Coast, U.S.A.

      Nice boots! I agree... leather is always best because it breathes! It also looks, feels, and wears much longer than the cheap vinyl stuff! Nice hub!