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Groom in Style to Add To Your Appeal- Fashion and Style in London

Updated on July 3, 2013
Being a Fashionista
Being a Fashionista

Being a Fashionista is easy, at least easier then maintaining your stand as one. If you want to move towards the most happening look of the season, as the scorch of the summer season takes over, you will have to pace up your foot steps towards the best destinations. And this should at least take you about a week of your busy schedule.

Paris is all well known, one supreme destination with London following it closely. Catch up with the sense of fashion and style of this city, which can make you stand out in the crowd. Be discreet and find out the most proper style and fashion for yourself at the fashion shows of London and the fashion streets of the city, which are still looked up to, as the trend setters. Find yourself some exquisite style here:

Scoop International Fashion Show
Scoop International Fashion Show

Top Fashion Events of London

Scoop International Fashion Show:

This event is going to bring you an insight into the latest trends about to hit the fashion world of London. It is an international trade show, with most contemporary collections of designer makes in accessories and cloths. The designs of this show are going to be the finest and luxurious collections. This fair is going to be very amazing for the people looking up for style which will do for the summers of 2011. Fashion lovers will acknowledge this Karen Radley industry expertise.

Dates: 7th to 9th August 2011

Venue: King’s Road, Sloane Square, London SW3

Suggested Stay : Hotels in Sloane Square will be the best choice, since the event is going to place over here. Find one of the budget accommodations to five star hotels of this location. There are enough options to suit a visitor with any concern.

Spring/Summer 2012 Collections at The Exhibition

This is my personal favourite event, where I feel the pulse of style and fashion resurrecting in me. There are so many shows, which include the style for men as for women. It will be more up for the winters and spring season. Update yourself on the accessory part to the esthetica of new designer cloths.

Date: 16th to 20th September 2011

Venue: Somerset House, Strand, London

Suggested Stay : Hotels near Charing Cross tube station will be the closest stay point for the tourists. There are enough hotels in London to be found here.

London Fashion Fringe
London Fashion Fringe

London Fashion Fringes at Covent Garden:

London Fashion Fringes brings the latest and most vital energy of London to the fore, with a unique and most thrilling collection of designs coming from the London house of fashion. The things of basic necessity translated into something uniquely English in its gesture. The collection at the event is something to slip for.

Date: 2nd March 2011

Venue: Covent Garden, London

Suggested Stay : Hotels in Covent Garden has a great collection of lodgings, which would suit your limited budget to immense requirement of leisures.

Oxford Street
Oxford Street
Bricklane Market
Bricklane Market

Top London Fashion Streets:

London fashion streets are quite popular with stores famous all around the world to the cheaper ones, with an exquisite collection that has the latest fashion and style creating collections. You shop here with an assurance that you are never going to step into a faux Pause. Fond out the best shopping streets of London for a style recreation of your life:

Oxford Street London:

A shopping at Oxford Street is the target of many fashionistas out in the city. Oxford Street has an extensive choice with the latest brands with ramp fashion to the most happening on street fashion and style props. You can even get a hot haircut to the most choc beauty treatments. Get here if you want an immediate fashion counselling without having to wait for a big event to take place. There is an extensive choice with accommodations at Oxford Street hotels. Find something to suit your requirement.

Brick Lane Market:

Brick Lane is also among the most famous destinations, which can help you groom yourself in your own style, without hiring ideas from any other source. The best of the street is its vintage jewellery, which has the option to drool at. The place to lodge here would be hotels near Brick Lane.

Sweat Out Your Shopping Passion!
Sweat Out Your Shopping Passion!

Some Unique Shops:

London has some shops which would be best for certain things you are looking for. The best of the style and fashion in London is yet placed in its central part. Catch up with the best specific shops here:

Accessory Shops:

London’s best accessory shops include these:

· Pickett: Burlington Arcade, Green Park tube station

· Jigsaw Accessories: South Molton St, near Bond Street Tube Station

· EC One: Exmouth Market, near Paddington tube station

· Tatty Devine: Brick Lane, London

London’s best Cloth’s shop:

· Beyond Retro: Cheshire St,near Liverpool tube station

· TRAID SW2: Acre Lane, near Brixton tube station

· Marcos and Trump: Columbia Road, near Liverpool St tube station

· Rellik: Golborne Road, near Westbourne Park tube station

London’s Best Shoppers’ Shops and Tourist Stays

Shopping does not always surround around the best accessories, or clothings. Many times, shopping is also driven by a passion for some fancy that makes you stand apart from others. Why not explore London with a view of your fancy, and find out the best possibilities for your passion? There are shops which can give vent to your passion for a particular thing in life! Lets us find out what all is there with the most exotic features to keep you hooked to this city and its particularly this area. Find out what all shops are there near which hotel to support your stay in the city:

Duke of Luke:

Duke of Luke is the musician’s best look out with its stock of the guitars, banjos, and harmoniums. This shop was developed by a passionate music lover, Matthew Reynolds, who devoted all his earnings to the promotion of music. This shop is located on 22 Hanbury St, London, close to the Aldgate Tube Station.

Suggested Stay:The best place to stay will be somewhere close to Aldgate Tube Station. While you have the Grange City Hotel among the top luxury accommodations, you have the Seven Dials Hotel to help you with an ideal stay on budget.

Tokyo Fixed
Tokyo Fixed

Tokyo Fixed:

Are you a bike lover? If yes, you are certainly going to love this shop. You will find all the parts of bike, aloof and along a whole bike. You might be able to create your own bike with the wheels, frames, high-end brands bringing all the required salvages of this stylish vehicle.

Suggested Stay:This bike store is available on the 4 Peter Street of London. it is located really close to Piccadilly Circus, making the opulent choice of hotels in Piccadilly Circus accessible. The Clarendon, Ashburn Hotel and Grange Blooms are all located on an easy accessibility from the shop.

Pure Groove Records

Your love for music can not resist the pulls of the Pure Groove Records. It has the most amazing collection of music, with everything from indie, alternative and cutting-edge in guitar and electronic music, and records of other forms of music. This is the iconic store for the music lovers travelling to London.

Suggested Stay: This shop is located in W Smithfield, of the city of London, along some amazing other shops and things to do. It will be a good idea to look into the options of lodgings near Smithfield Market, where you are also likely to find some sumptuous serves to feast at.

Vintage Hart
Vintage Hart
White Hart
White Hart

Vintage Hart

Vintage Hart is a vintage fashion store. So, if you mean to groom yourself in the fashion statement of the city, within the restrain of a small budget, you can approach this store to give yourself that needful touch of style. Buy yourself fashion and style of the city by entering in the exotic Vintage Hart, with a culture of fashion in the city. Find the chic look you always wanted at this shop.

White Hart

White Hart is also an amazing fashion shop to be revelled at, with the legitimate and most endearing collections. It has been graded among the top shops of the city, with its retro collection, painted murals, heated seating and a collection, garden to spend your valuable time at. This one shop is going to keep your engaged for long!

Suggested Stay: Both of these Vintage Hart and White Hart shops are located on the Church Road, which is very close to the central London. As a tourist, central London is going to fascinate you the most, with its amazing features and top entertainment sources.

London is the fashion destination for many people around the world. If you are also looking to self grooming, this city will be very promising for you.

London Fashion Week 2013


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