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How to Grow Healthy Naturally Curly Hair Long Regimen (4a4b Hair)

Updated on May 13, 2013

The Five Commandments for Growing Naturally Curly hair.

1) Thou shalt wash and condition thy hair frequently.

(I realize that the definition for the word “frequently” is different for everyone, and therefore is something that has a personal meaning to everyone, so I am going to give the standard.) At a minimum, you should be washing and conditioning your hair once a week. I recommend at least two times a week because it is not healthy for any hair type to wash their hair everyday because natural oils can be stripped from the hair, it is recommended that you wash the hair every two days. However, there are many naturally curly gals who do wash their hair everyday, and their hair seems to be fine but I must stress that what works for other people’s hair may not work for your hair. You must find what works for your hair. Is it once a week ,or twice a week, or every couple of days that you need to wash your hair, that depends on you and your hair. Personally, I would start out with washing my hair twice a week, but not with regular shampoo.

To wash your hair, I recommend you do co-washes. This is when you wash your hair with a conditioner. If you do this, you will not have to worry about shampoos drying your hair out. Washing your hair with a conditioner will keep moisture in your hair and add the necessary moisture to your hair that it needs. In order for “naturally curly hair” to grow long, it needs to stay moisturized, and what a better way to keep your hair moisturized then by eliminating shampoos that dry out the hair, and by using conditioners to keep your hair clean, healthy and moisturized.

2)Thou must find the perfect hair product for thy head.

Unfortunately, finding the right product for your "naturally curly hair" can be tedious. There are many hair products made for naturally curly hair, but are not healthy. They have ingredients in them that dry out the hair like mineral oil, even though the products says that it moisturizes the hair. I recommend you make your own hair product. In this way, you can make your product the way you like it, and you can save a ton of money. These products for curly hair can be expensive.

Look for recipes for natural hair, or research hair oils and natural butters that are good for the hair like mango and shea butter. Just buying your own natural mango butter and adding your preferred hair oil to it with some water can make your own hair product. Not to mention, you can save yourself some money if you find the right provider for your ingredients. In this way, you can make the right hair product for yourself specifically tailored to you, and to you alone if you wish.

How to: Grow Long Natural Hair Using Braids and Natural hair Tips. Courtesy of KinkyStyles1980

3) If thou wants a serious mane, thou must exercise.

Exercise, exercise, exercise. Work out until you have sweat dripping from your chin. Seriously. When you exercise, you are increasing the circulation of your blood throughout your entire body reaping the benefits of exercise. Not only are you burning calories, but you are also sending nutrients to much needed places. For example, when you exercise and sweat, you promote hair growth. If you don’t want your hair to get all wet from your sweat, just put it in a ponytail. However, if your hair just goes up and out and is too curly to put into ponytail, a sweat band should help by soaking up the sweat. Also if your hair is so curly that only 25% of its true length shows, you should be fine. After all, our friend gravity will make sure that your sweat does not travel upwards.

4) Thou Must be Patient and Gentle with thy Hair.

Treat you hair like you would treat a baby’s hair. “Naturally curly hair” is the most delicate of all hair types, and needs that extra attention if you want it to flourish. Do not take short cuts you will regret. Don’t rip and tear at your hair. If you hear or feel your hair snapping without being rough, get a protein conditioner…now.

5) Thou must keep heat to a minimum.

Heat can be damaging to all hair types, but naturally curly haired gals beware-- too much heat can cause you to lose your curls. In many cases you may lose your curls forever. In which case you will have to start over growing your curls out. Can you get your curls back? Perhaps.

Personally, I had this lady try a flat iron on my head that was supposed to be just as a good as the Chi, and without any product she had my hair come out so silky smooth, soft, and straight. However, my natural texture would not come back, and I could see the difference between the new heat induced texture and my natural texture. Since then, it has been about five months, and I can no longer see the difference between the two textures. What I have done to my hair is the five commandments you have read above. Following commandment five, I have used minimum heat and I have not straightened my hair with a flat iron. However, I do use the blow dryer setting on low. Low heat and low air.

Thou must follow all commandments if thou wants a most serious mane "Naturally Curly Hair." Below are some books that I myself have owned at one point and time when I was learning about my hair. They have helped out tremendously!

Resources for growing your Naturally Curly hair

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    • dignifiedlove profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks DanielleCherise, I love your name. That is exactly what we need to do if we want healthy long hair.

    • DanielleCherise profile image

      Dani Norris 

      5 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Love this post! I followed these guidelines when I first went natural. i also saw a lot of growth in my hair while I was in navy basic training. i was working out 6x a week, drinking a lot of water, and keeping my hair in a protective hairstyle.


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