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Fast hair growth Black Hair Care Techniques, Grow your hair

Updated on November 30, 2010

The First Steps & Beyond to Beautiful Long Healthy Hair

      African American women experience the most difficulties when it comes to caring for their hair and hair breakage. They buy and use many hair care products that promise results such as hair care oils,conditioners and shampoos that in turn could lead to more hair loss. However there are a few trustworthy Black hair care products on the market that actually produce the results the rest cannot, I will list these later in the blog. On average hair grows an eight of an inch to a quarter per month. Hair growth starts from the inside out depending entirely on your health status. Medications can also slow hair growth or contribute to hair loss. You should drink at least two to three liters of water per day, keep your stress levels down and try replacing cooking oil with rice bran oil at times because rice bran oil is loaded with antioxidants that are both healthy for your body and hair. Also incorporate protein into food and hair care supplements.

     Vegetables and foods you may already use such as turkey,carrots,spinach, chicken,fish,beans,almonds,steaks and hamburgers are excellent food choices along with other similar choices because they help your body to prepare for the healthiest hair growth and fast growing hair. Always wash and condition once a week if your hairstyle permits you, use of baby shampoo is a plus because its much gentler on the hair. Using less heat styling can cut down on the breakage quickly. Get a protein mist for daily carry around use. Always use a wide tooth comb on your hair if it is very fragile to hair breakage. Sleep with your hair wrapped in a satin scarf or use satin pillow cases.

     Never Over-relax hair using any type of relaxer. Hair relaxers can be just as dangerous as perms because they both contain chemicals, it is a suggestion to get both done professionally if you are going to use either. If hair is extremely damaged and seems beyond repair start using hair vitamins and getting hot oil hair treatments to counter the effects of whatever cost the problem. You may want to try micro braids,french braids or sew ins to allow your hair the chance to rest from chemicals. Never use bonding glue on your hair or your scalp, it is definitely not safe or a good choice for the hair but the makers of the product would never tell you this.

     I have created a list as follows for products that produce those amazing results and they can be purchased at retail in your local beauty supplies stores or online.

1. Dr Miracles Hair care line

2. Doo Grow Hair care line

3. Africa's best organics hair care line

4. Organic root stimulator hair care line

5. Glovers Mane

6. Mane n Tail shampoo & conditioner

7. Wild Growth Oil

8. Pink oil moisturizer from Lusters

9. Carefree curl product line spray or lotion

10. Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo

In Closing

      Also try to let your hair air dry naturally to eliminate moisture loss from blow drying. If you cannot use a daily mist or run out use water in a spray bottle lightly once every hour. All of the things listed here can and will improve your hair showing great results if followed directly. If I have missed anything please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what works for you.

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    • profile image

      renavanburen 2 years ago

      How grown hair. In the. Back in head back

    • profile image

      Gloria E 6 years ago

      I have very fine hair with a lot of split ends and a lot of breakage. I started using Shielo's Hydrate Shampoo at the recommendation of my hair stylist. I really notice a difference when I don't use it because my hair is much more knotty and gets tangled more easily. I noticed a huge reduction in split ends, and it makes my hair so much smoother. I paid a lot more for it at the salon, so I was happy to find it online at Shielo's website at a lower price. I bought two of them!

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 8 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Thank you priyasosweet it actually works.

    • profile image

      PriyaSoSweet 8 years ago

      Very informative info on natural hair care. Im a natural hair guru myself. I like the idea of using a water mist on hair every hour, have not heard of that one yet. It makes a lot of sense due to natural hair being so dry. Great Topic. Feel free to check my Hub on natural hair care journey.

      Peace & Blessings