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Grow out a beard in 5 steps

Updated on July 18, 2011

Learn how to grow a beard out in 5 easy steps!

It's pretty easy to grow your beard or facial hair out quickly. All you really need to know and / or keep in mind is that it's a short process and it may be a little uncomfortable depending on your skin's sensitivity, but if you can get past that then you will have a full beard grown out very quickly.

In this hub I'll show you how to grow out your beard or facial hair in less than 4 weeks, give or take depending on your hair growing speed.

Dude is growing his beard fast

Guy growing his beard out quickly
Guy growing his beard out quickly

About 2 weeks of growth here

This guy in the picture is about halfway through the beard growing process as he is a little shaggy so far but not all the way there yet, still his beard is looking good.

A little more work on his part and he'll totally have a very thick beard, see, all it takes is a little TLC and you can have the beard of your dreams as well.

So exactly how do I grow my beard fast then?

These are the basic 5 steps that you'll need to take note of to grow your beard out:

  1. Give yourself around 4 weeks time to grow a beard
  2. Keep your beard clean & moisturized
  3. Don't scratch at your beard when itching
  4. Take vitamins or biotin to make it grow faster
  5. You should comb and manage your beard

A pair of clippers or trimmers is all you need

You can manage a beard better than you can your lawn with the right pair of clippers or trimmers for your newly grown beard. I as well as many of my friends and associates use Andis brand clippers as they are the best and don't cost all that much. See below for these great clippers.

Aside from clippers you may also use a razor's edge or scissors to manage your beard while growing it but these won't do as much good as clippers will.

Managing a scraggly beard

Shape up that beard if you want
Shape up that beard if you want


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