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Guaranteed Glamour - Make Over For Autumn

Updated on September 10, 2012
Flawless smokey make-up for autumn 2011
Flawless smokey make-up for autumn 2011

From summer to autumn, flawless beauty tips

Now that the long, hot days of summer have faded to memory, and the crisp nip in the air has marked the arrival of autumn, the low maintenance, casual and laid back beauty styles that have seen us through last season are in much need of updating.

Celebrity make-up for Autumn 2011

 Avril Lavigne  the girl who made smoky eye her famous signature look
Avril Lavigne the girl who made smoky eye her famous signature look
Smoky eyes are definitely Keira Knightly favorite look
Smoky eyes are definitely Keira Knightly favorite look
Scarlett Johansson usually prefers more natural palette, but these smoky eyes look HOT, HOT, HOT on her!
Scarlett Johansson usually prefers more natural palette, but these smoky eyes look HOT, HOT, HOT on her!

Make up seasons,

Do you change your make-up 'look' at the start of each new season?

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The light cover of tinted moisturiser and a sweep of mascara that seemed so effortless, yet effective when paired with beach tanned skin, becomes totally redundant when competing with a weather beaten face.

Although the dark nights take a little getting used to, it's not all doom and gloom. As this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to expand your make-up bag, commit to a skin care regime and experiment with some brand new beauty looks.

And we've certainly seen some exciting trends hitting the catwalk this season. All of the top designers have showcased clothing collections full of sumptuous, indulgent fabrics that epitomise winter chic. But these collections would not of been half as effective if not combined with styled make-up and hair that, of course, is crucial to completing the look.

The top make-up trends for this season have been established, so all that's left is for us to take style inspiration and exchange our usual staid beauty routine for a truly inspired new look.

Sporting 'swinging sixties style', Anna Sui focused all attention on the eyes, with thick black lines of liquid liner and superbly volumised lashes, teamed with nude lips and natural hair.

In contrast, Oscar de la Renta chose striking blusher shades, heavily defined brows and a prominent pink pout, with hair swept off the face in a classic ponytail. Whilst Donna Karen used autumnal shades of orange, tangerine and rust to create striking eyeshadow hues.

The 90's where revisited by Vera Wang. 'Grunge style' was recreated with smudgy black liner, roughly applied metallic shadow with frost pink lips, finished with dishevelled hair - in true 'rock chick' style.

But the trend that really seems to stand out is 'Classic Hollywood Glamour'. Adopted by Diane von Purstenberg the look combines ravishing red lips, flawless foundation, light smokey eyes, curled and subtly mascara'd lashes and, of course, immaculately blow-dried hair.

It's a return to full on glamour that pays homage to a bygone era. (The clothes are amazing too!!). The vampish style is undeniably sexy and the vintage edge makes it unquestionably chic. It's sophistcated, classy refined and totally feminine.

As a high maintenance trend, you may think that it's all a bit too much trouble, but it's amazing what a difference embracing even just one element can make. It is well worth a try!

Essential tools for the job

SHANY 12 Color Palette, Smokey Eyes, 6 Ounce
SHANY 12 Color Palette, Smokey Eyes, 6 Ounce

12 different smokey shades, all complementing each other. Combine shades in a mixture to suit your skin tone.


To create the look you need the right tools

A flawless base is essential. Begin by using a light moisturiser and add a creamy matt foundationto even out skin tone.

Brows must be tamed, so use a brush to create a sweeping arch. Pluck unwanted stray hairs and set in place with a gel.

Customise a mixture of smokey shadows on eyes and add a flick of black eyeliner. Curl lashes and flourish with mascara.

Sweep a soft shade of blusher onto cheeks and then concentrate on the all important pout. Find a red lipstick that complement your skin tone.

Cool skin tones suit pink undertones. Warm complexions are complemented by orangey shades. By choosing blue undertones in red lipstick, teeth will appear whiter.

Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner Blackest Black
Avon GLIMMERSTICKS Eye Liner Blackest Black

Defines eyes with perfect precision. Smooth, glide-on color. Long wear. Retractable, self-sharpening


How To - How to get that hot, smoking look

Need a simple, straight forward guide?

You have the tools, but don't know the technique?

Another Huber has just written an easy to follow article about how to apply the make-up necessary to give you the new season, smokey eyes. It's a simple step by step guide, you'll find it here:



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    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 5 years ago from Georgia

      Thank you for your thoroughness in this hub. I have recently seen hubs with as few as 350 words which is not enough to give the reader more than a brief explanation of their topic.

      It is nice to see a hub with substance.

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