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The Fashion House of Gucci.

Updated on September 20, 2012

The Gucci Company

Known simply as Gucci, The House of Gucci is a leather goods and Italian fashion label part of the GucciGroup.

This is owned by PPR, a French company. Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, it is currently the Italian brand that is selling the biggest.

There are about two hundred seventy-eight stores operating worldwide and its products are sold wholesale through upscale department store and franchisees.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Gucci Company experienced modest beginning and became the most successful high end leather goods manufacturer in the world, along with other fashion products and clothing.

As a Paris and then a London immigrant working in hotels that were exclusive, Guccio Gucci was impressed with luggage that was luxurious which guests who were sophisticated brought with them.

Upon his return to Florence, his birthplace, a city that was known for materials of true high quality and artisans of exceptional skill, he established a shop which sold fine leather goods in the year nineteen twenty.

Even if his workrooms are organized for producing using methods which are industrial, he maintained tradition fabrication aspects.

At the onset, he employed workers skilled in basic leather craft from Florence with attention to techniques of finishing. Once the store expanded, stitches by machine were the method of production supporting construction.

Together with his 3 sons, Rodolfo Gucci, Vasco Gucci and Aldo Gucci, the company expanded to make an inclusion of stores in Rome and Milan as well as extra shops in Florence.

The stores of Gucci featured fine leather crafted accessories such as shoes, handbags and ornamented iconic loafers as well as knitwear and silk in a pattern that has become their signature. The loafer of Gucci is the only footwear found at New York's Museum of Modern Art collection.

In World War II, the company used cotton rather than leather canvas to make handbags as a consequence of shortages of material.

The canvas was distinct by a signature symbol of double G that was combined with prominent green and red bands.

After WWII, the crest of Gucci, which depicted armor and shielded knight surrounded by the family name inscribed in ribbon, became a synonym with Florence City.

Since the year two thousand and five, there had been a partnership between UNICEF and Gucci.

Globally, the stores of Gucci donate a per cent of their total sales for collections that are specially and specifically created for UNICEF in order to go the children's fund. There is a campaign each year by Gucci to benefit UNICEF.

This foundation supports programs for clean water, protection, healthcare and education for children and orphans affected by AIDS/HIV in sub-Sahara Africa.

In 5 years, there has been a donation of over seven million US Dollars to UNICEF.

A children's book called Snowman in Africa was promoted for the two thousand and nine campaign, with UNICEF benefiting from the proceeds.

Gucci is the biggest donor which is corporate to Schools for Africa by UNICEF which was established in '04.

Gucci also donates to the Hamburg Society and the NelsonMandela Foundation. The goal is for increasing basic school accessibility for all, especially emphasizing the kids orphaned by AIDS/HIV and those who live in extreme conditions of poverty.


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    • Phelcky profile image

      Lilly 5 years ago from Denmark

      Awesome hub :) Ahh how I love fashion.

    • Lucildoll profile image

      Lucilda Evans 6 years ago from Ajax, Ontario

      Very nice hub Gucci product are always my favorite, their leather bags are stunning,though pricy!

    • one2get2no profile image

      Philip Cooper 6 years ago from Olney

      Nice hub...I do like Gucci stuff.