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Gucci Sunglasses Review: 1546, 1566, 1582, 1594/96; 1604, 1621/22/27, 1650

Updated on January 9, 2015

Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci 15XX and 16XX range of men's and women's sunglasses includes various types of frames, a broad palette of colors (usually trending towards darker, classic tones like black, havana, tortoise, brown shades – but not only) and a versatility of design that was clearly aimed to rival – and outmatch – any sunwear competition arriving from Prada, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Versace, and other Italian or French fashion houses. In this review we take a close and detailed look at some of the most popular models, discuss their style, frame contours, lenses colors, setting compatibility, and more.


We would like to start with what emerges as probably the most popular frame shape ever created, gaining in notoriety especially in recent years – as we see celebrities of the scope of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wearing them – namely, the classic Aviators. Aviators, as we all know, was conceived by the American Ray Ban – but was quite quickly adopted, modified, and adjusted to semi-fashion, and later pure fashion purposes. Gucci excel at these modifications, offering more than a few truly exciting

layouts, colored in white, brown, havana, and other hues. Lenses, gradient or otherwise, usually include 100% UV protection; primary frame materials comprise plastic, nickel, and/or other metal.

Temples feature the iconic G logo. These are the 156X and 162X segments (and other recent additions).


Wayfarer type design, also Ray Ban inspired, is a rare category in Gucci (and most fashion sunwear in general), because the square frame pattern is not quintessentially “beautiful” – at least not in the traditional sense.

Still, several men's sunglasses borrow this aesthetic for the 159X items, peppering them with Clubmaster influenced enhancements.


A modern, unorthodox, and fresh frame, the wraparound predisposes for creative modifications, leading to a constantly renewable catalog of ideas. Gucci draw from that catalog, as well as contribute to it, offering relatively tame, more classic&formal than pure fashion, wrap sunglasses for the 158X series.

Wrap sunglasses that are out of production can be found on eBay or other stores. Conversely, Gucci continue to design and introduce different versions of the wraparound frame layout, for which we recommend visiting the official website, or checking the Gucci sunglasses assortment (click on the amazon links to your right to reach the desired webpage).


Possibly the most eclectic, middle-of-the-road Gucci design, 156X soft, semi-square category offers all purpose shades that can function effectively as confident city sunwear, or cosmopolitan expressive fashion item.


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