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Gucci Watches for Women

Updated on February 9, 2011

The best selling of the Gucci watches for women, the GUCCI Women's Twirl Watch offers a stylish and Gucci branded watch that can be "twirled" into a fashionable bangle bracelet

The Gucci Watches for Women span all styles to provide very modern and contemporary ladies watches as well as contemporary versions of older styles.  The ladies Gucci watches are fine quality, being Swiss Made, and each style exhibits a different personality, so there is bound to be one that you can relate with.  So whether you are looking for a sporty watch like the i-GUCCI for your active lifestyle, or prefer the elegance of the Signoria or Chiodo watches, check out our GUCCI women's watches review.

They key to getting the best price Gucci watches for women is to locate an authorized Gucci dealer that has the best selection, but also deals in volume in order to offer the lowest prices.  The amazing thing is that Amazon is an authorized dealer and have an amazing selection of all the women's watches from GUCCI and are running a special that pays no interest for 6 months (make sure to read the details).  You can use the link below to see the entire selection of low priced watches or click on any of the pictures accompanying the description to learn more about and buy cheap Gucci watches for women.

See All of the Women's Gucci Watches on Sale

Buy Gucci Signoria Watches on Amazon

Gucci Women's Signoria Watch

The Gucci Signoria collection features elegant Gucci ladies watches that are both delicate and stunning.  The watch has a square face with the simple stick markers and the GUCCI branding scribed across the top.  The watch bracelet uses an ornamental chain that is very light making the watch seem almost weightless.  The variations of the watch are primarily in the watch face color including white, black, mother of pearl… all the usual women's watch stylings.  While it's difficult to tell from a computer screen the Signoria watch really is stunning and ordering it from Amazon has saved people up to 700 dollars off of the price in stores.

Gucci Women's Twirl Watch

The Gucci Twirl collection is undoubtedly the most popular Gucci ladies watch and is drastically different from all others.  Being a bracelet watch, the bangle bracelet has the characteristic Gucci logo design and features a very small watch located in the center of the bracelet.  The cool thing about this watch is that the watch itself can flip over and exposing the back which looks as if it's part of the bracelet; very stylish.  The Twirl watches come in both a small and large sized bracelet and both the bracelet and the watch have a variety of color combinations, making it easy to find a unique style that you'll love.  You really should check them out using the link above.

Gucci Women's Marina Chain Watch

Similar to the Signoria collection, the Marina Chain watches have a square watch set inside a highly polished stainless steel chain style bracelet.  The watch face itself is very simple with the GUCCI name displayed across the top of the watch where the 12 would be and diamond accents at the 3, 6, and 9 positions.  This watch provides a completely different look and feel than the Signoria despite the similar size and shapes.  The interesting accent on this watch is the stainless steel buckle clasp that while looking stylish in that uncomfortable sort of way is actually very easy to use.  A well designed watch. 

Gucci Women's G-Timeless Watch

Just like the Gucci watches for men version, the G-timeless series takes the elegance of the old style women's watches and puts a modern Gucci twist to it.  The watch is very simple with a braided stainless steel bracelet and clear watch face (that comes in black, white, mother of pearl).  The slender watch hands point to the square diamond hour indexes and the complete package has an air of luxury and class.  For a Gucci watch, this one is very plain but elegant.

Gucci Women's Chiodo Watch

The Chiodo series is more typical of what you would expect from a Gucci watch for women.  This watch features a fairly large watch face that can be adorned with numerous different features such as diamonds or guilloche black face.  There are two different versions; one that has concentric dials that mark either minutes or hours creating a sort of sunrise look, or the more minimalist watch face that centers around the simplicity of the watch and diamond accents.  The bracelet is a very delicate stainless steel , silver-toned loops and has a unique clasp.  This decorative watch is as much a piece of jewelry as a timepiece and would go well with any business attire.

Gucci Women's i-GUCCI watch

The women's i-GUCCI is the ladies version of the popular men's watch (or is the men's watch a popular version of the ladies watch?)  Either way, this sporty watch has a sleek exterior with a brilliant stainless steel watch labeled with the companies iconic name along the side, accompanied by a very durable rubber strap with the GUCCI name embedded throughout.  A nice polished clasp rounds out the watch making this sports watch suitable enough for dress attire.  The watch itself is a Swiss-Quartz digital watch and displays two time zones for those who travel often as well as the date.  This watch is a perfect accessory for any women who is active and has good taste.

Gucci Women's G-GUCCI Watch

The G-GUCCI is a women's watch that much like the Signoria and the Marina Chain, utilizes a square watch and a linked chain bracelet.  What makes the G-GUCCI different is the uniformity of the watch and chain linkages.  If you were to take a quick look you could easily mistake it for simply a bracelet, but the watch is very discreet and blends in well.  That's not to say that it's difficult to tell time with, with the various color combinations (black on black, champagne and silver, mother of pearl) the watch certainly is readable.  This is a beautiful if not simple dress watch that will definitely have you envied by all of your colleagues. 


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