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Gucci Horsebit Handbags

Updated on February 7, 2011

THEAMERICANWRITER - Nov. 14, 2010 | 14:40 CST

AUSTIN, Texas - The introduction of horsebit into the Gucci brand was around the 1950s. The common use for it back in those times was for handbags. Not just any handbag, but leather bags that were stitched in a saddle style. The leather had a very heavy weight to it and was tan in color.

As time has passed, the horsebit was more used in relations to hardware. To get a better understanding of what that means, is that the horsebit became a versatile material where in some cases the surfaces were either burned-out or even embossed onto velvet. It had even had the same done on leather suede. Another usage for horsebit would include silk and how patterns would be printed upon it. Sometimes the processes would involve jewelry.

With that said, bags made by Gucci were heavily dependent on the horsebit material as an integral part of its classic design. If someone wanted a handbag that represented sophistication, that person might be interested in the blue Gucci Techno Horsebit Flap Shoulder Bag. It is ideal for office attire with an ageless appeal. And yet, the purpose of this bag was to give off a vintage feel. Another classic and sophisticated bag made by the Gucci brand is the sleek and quite clean Gucci Horsebit Cellarius Metallic Bag. Its tassel is made with bamboo that holds the horsebit together. If you want a more elegant style Gucci bag, then the Gucci Horsebit Shoulder Flap Bag would be an ideal choice. It has a nice refined appeal with a subtle touch of edginess.

Gucci tends to have a peculiar way of pleasantly surprising its customers with a variety of designs in bags and even wallets. Surely, there is a Gucci bag made in just the right look and feel to satisfy your needs.

NOTICE: I created this article for someone on a forum (a now proven scammer) who received it and liked it, but refused to pay for it as agreed. Makes no point in having a perfectly unique article go to waste, which is why I posted it here. He claimed he wouldn't use my article, but scammers cannot be trusted. So if you see my article on another site, please let me know immediately and I'll get it taken down. I've only posted this article on HubPages, which means its exclusive to HubPages. Thank you.


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