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Guide To Buying Wholesale Flip Flops

Updated on March 20, 2011

Wholesale Flip Flops: Fun, Practical & Simple Footwear

Wholesale flip flops are a simple and basic kind of footwear that is made up of a thin rubber sole or base and two thin straps that run from between the first and second toe and attach by the sides of the foot. Some wholesale flip flops styles include a heel strap to secure the back of the sandal to the foot. All over the world, the wide variety of flip flops are most definitely the most common choice for casual wear in the summer and especially for going to the beach, so retailers and resellers just love to stock wholesale flip flops!

Wholesale Flip Flops Can Retail From $1 To $100!

One factor that contributes immensely to the popularity of flip flops is that they are extremely cheap. These sandals can retail anywhere from $1 to $100, depending on what quality you buy. Many discount retailers stock flip flops in ever color and pattern, allowing you to match a pair with every outfit you own. These sandals are lightweight, making them easy to toss in your purse for a quick change out of high heels after a business meeting.

Everybody loves to wear flip flops, all through the summer season!
Everybody loves to wear flip flops, all through the summer season!

Flip flops are great for people who like to walk barefoot. They allow your feet to be open to the air while protecting your soles from sharp objects and bacteria.

Flip flops are not always the best choice. They leave the top of your foot unprotected and do not offer any kind of support for your ankles. This can easily lead to injury if you do a lot of walking in them. Also, many wholesale flip flops are manufactured from non-recycled materials, making them unfriendly for the environment.

Wholesale flip flops can be attractive, elegant, stylish, and suitable for any occasion!
Wholesale flip flops can be attractive, elegant, stylish, and suitable for any occasion!

Buy Wholesale Flip Flops For 27 Cents!

OK, let's face it. If you are in the market for wholesale flip flops, you are not the kind of buyer who is going to shell out over $200 for LAMB shoes, MIA shoes, Pony shoes, Report shoes, clogs shoes, Dexter shoes, K1X(Kickz) shoes or Air Force One shoes (or in some cases well over $200 for the Air Force Ones!!!)

However, when you go to buy flip flops wholesale you don't necessarily have to get stuck with cheap flip flops wholesale as flip flops at wholesale can also offer style and quality. You can choose from a wide selection of wholesale rubber flip flops, wholesale flip flop sandals, beehive flip flops wholesale, and other wholesale fashion flip flops that look great and will last you many summers.

Wholesale bulk flip flops naturally offer you the greatest per unit savings when purchasing wholesale flip flops, but if you're not interested in an entire 40' FCL container from Asia full of flip flops for wholesale sales, you can also buy smaller quantities of flip flops wholesale in single cartons, or arrange for drop shipping from a wholesaler in your own country. So when you let your fingers do the walking through the online wholesale flip flop Yellow Pages, you can certainly rest assured that you will have plenty of selection!

By all means check not just one but all of the major B2B sites such as,,,,,,, and for import sources of wholesale flip flops. A quick search of those B2B sites shows some wholesalers pricing their flip flops as low as 27 US cents! Wow!

Flip flops are available in every color of the rainbow!
Flip flops are available in every color of the rainbow!

Wholesale Flip Flops Are Great For Store Or Online Sales

Colorful, stylish, practical, fun and affordable flip flops are available in many retail stores across the world. They have become highly prominent in women's fashion! That's just one more absolutely unbeatable fantastic reason why every bricks and mortar conventional retail footwear store and online web based footwear etailer site should be aware of the appeal of wholesale flip flops!

How To Make Flip Flops From A Yoga Mat!

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