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Guide to Hunting Tattoos - Deer Hunting Tattoos

Updated on December 19, 2011

Your Guide to Getting a Hunting Tattoo

While hunting tattoos can look really cool, sometimes they can be embarrassing or downright hideous. We’ve writing this article to inform you about all the factors you may want to consider before getting a hunting tattoo. Learn how to pick a design, how to choose a tattoo artist, and how to care for it after you get your tattoo.

Reasons to get a Hunting Tattoo

There are lots of reasons people get hunting tattoos. Some are good and some are completely idiotic. Here are a few examples.

Good Reasons:

  • · You like hunting tattoos
  • · You’ve always wanted a particular hunting tattoo
  • · You’ve given it a great deal of thought and you would like a hunting tattoo

Bad Reasons:

  • · You want to look tough
  • · All your buddies have them
  • · You want to impress a girlfriend
  • · You are drunk
  • · Your friend wants to be a tattoo artist and needs someone to practice on.

Where Do You Want Your Hunting Tattoo?

Your first inclination may be to get your tattoo in an area where everyone can see it. This is a mistake. If this is your first hunting tattoo, you should get it in an area where it’s not immediately visible. While everyone around you may be fine with tattoos there are some situations where it is not to your advantage to have a tattoo visible to the general public. International travel and traffic court are two places where tattoos are not an asset.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

The correct answer to this question is as much as it takes. If you only have a minimal amount of cash your hunting tattoo had better be microscopic. Cheap tattoos are usually huge eyesores.

What Type of Hunting Tattoo are You Getting?

Have you thought about what tattoo you’re going to get? Have something in mind before you go to get a tattoo and take at least 24 hours to think about it before getting it. It’s permanent and you need to be sure that whatever you get is something you’ll continue to like forever.

Does Getting a Hunting Tattoo Hurt?

Yes, it does, but not as bad as you might imagine. Some areas are more sensitive that others but it’s usually bearable.

Taking Care of Your Hunting Tattoo

Here are a few points to remember when caring for your tattoo:

· Follow your aftercare guidelines.

· Don’t go swimming until your aftercare sheet says it’s ok.

· Don’t sit in a sauna until your aftercare sheet says it’s ok.

· Don’t expose your tattoo to sunlight until your aftercare sheet says it’s ok.

· You will always need to wear sunblock on your tattoo or the sun will bleach it.

Getting a hunting tattoo can be exciting and fun. Make sure you’re prepared and know how to care for your hunting tattoo and all will go well. Your hunting tattoo should last for a very long time if done properly and you care for it properly.


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