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Guys Section And Girl Section. Who Cares Wear What You want

Updated on November 15, 2011

Why Do We Care

im a 25 year old male who likes to buy anything i want i often shop in the girls section after getting the courage to do so. i started out like most people do and ordering online but that gets expansive to do. one day i just started browsing the womens section and found that i like and fit most of the clothes. i also found that its more form fitting, comfortable, cheaper and was better made.

everything i get you can't tell that its made for women. i look completely normal to everyones standards in public. i find that most women and some girls are not accepting of this, why....

GUYS: most guy think you have to be gay or bisexual and that's simply not the case. it has to do nothing with your sexuality.

GIRLS: i have found only very few girls care. they find it creepy and not normal. but most girls love it. specially when you wear there size because you can barrow each others clothes.

i have found that since women do the majority of the shopping men are mostly left behind in the world of fashion. since there is a lot of competition in womens fashion it often cost much less then mens wear. i now wear 95% girls stuff and 5% mens clothes by doing so im more comfortable and i am able to afford more. i also buy other things that are made for women that work better then the things made for men.


panties: i started wearing panties when i was 18 because i was tired of mens underwear. womens panties fit better, keep everything in place, comfortable and are available in more styles. many people thing just because you are a guy you can't fit into then and that's not true. im above adverage and i fit with no problems.

camis / tanks: womens camis and tank tops make better under shirts and offer better fit and comfort. i wear camis with shelf bras to help keep my chest worm. womens tank tops are a better alternitive to wife beater they also look a lot better.

lounge pants: womens lounge pants are great for any guy who just wants to relax and be comfy,

capri pants: capri pants are good in any weather because they keep you worm as well as cool in worm weather. i shave my legs so i look great and most men wont shave their legs but it just looks better if you do.

sports bras: sports bras are great if you just want to keep your chest worm but don't want to wear a second shirt. it also absorbs sweat better then a regular shirt.

leggings: leggings are great if you need a extra layer for those cold days and do not itch like traditional thermal pants.

Womens Products

razors: womens razors are better they offer a closer shave and are good to use on the face and body. i have had nothing but bad luck with every guy razors you can purchase

maxi pads and panty liners: most men sweat a lot in certain areas and i have found that wearing maxi pads for when you sweat a lot and panty liners for when you sweat a little less they keep you dry and spelling good. you have to buy different brands until you find the ones you like they best but once you do. you will be thinking how did i ever get by with out them.

tampons: i have problems with my tummy hurting and with that i also leak a little when i get very bad tummy problems so i started using tampons i insert them into my butt and help stop any leaks and also keep me dry when i sweat. this is not for everyone and can hurt you if you are not careful. but offer great protection when you need it.

Deodorant: womens deodorant offers more choices if you are tired of the same old guys sent and offer the same protection but offer you more selection if you want more.

body sprays: body sprays are great if you want to always smell good. me being a smoker body sprays help me smell great all day.

vaginal wipes: vagisil medicated wipes are great to help freshen up and help stop itching.

vagisil feminine wash: i have found that this is great for under arms and private areas. i used a small amount on those areas after i wash with regular soap.

people my find it weird because we are suppost to stick to our sections in the stores. somethings are made for women and men but really that's just who its marketed to its all for anyone who wants it. not just for the people its marketed to. i find once you break down the barrier you find fun and exciting new things that you once thought you couldent buy. i find it fun discovering new and exciting things. if you just open up your mind and just go for it you can have fun, feel better and yes some people care but so what if you like it you will find that most people don't care.

so if you always wanted to find a better way try something new and have fun with it.


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