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Deland- Fl. Great Expressions fixed my hair!

Updated on November 19, 2012


I have lived in this area for 3 years, and i have had terrible experiences with the beauty shops in the town of Deland, Florida. I was at the end of my rope as my last trim left me looking like a mullet head. If you do not know what that is it is not a good thing.

I have had problems with trims, haircuts, coloring, highlighting, and it became impossible to find anyone who could help. i let my hair grow for about a year without any cutting, I had no sides, they had been cut off, and i was trying to grow them back.

Everyone knows that after awhile your hair becomes crazy and you want to cut it yourself. I was doing my own root color and reverse highlighting to protect the remaining highlights. I worked at home and was very happy that I did not have to be seen in public with the top of my head all hacked off in different directions.

Depressed and with many gray roots I went to my friend Google and started searching for any positive sign that maybe there was just one person who could help me and fix my hair. I came across a article written by a girl that had moved from Deland, Florida and would fly back to still use her regular beautician named Natalie.

I was impressed by that information , so I looked for the shop that was mentioned in the article. I found that it was in the down town area, I passed the shop all the time, maybe I saw it and just thought it must be expensive in the main downtown area, I honestly do not know why I never checked it out before I read that article.

Thnaksgiving is coming, I have company coming and I can not look like this, so I placed a call and found out that Natalie was there . I spoke to a charming young lady who was very happy to make an appointment for me the next week. I asked about the prices and they were very reasonable.

I went to the shop and I was greeted by a very nice and knowledgeable young lady named Natalie. She looked at my hair and said "what happened", then she told me not to worry and we can fix this. I was shocked. Natalie asked me what kind of color I wanted, and I told her like hers, some dark, some blonde.

I honestly could not believe that the entire process took no time at all, she knows her craft and very well. My hair was beautiful, the color and highlighting was to die for, and the trim to fix the mullet was the best cut I have ever had.

I was so happy, and the shop was so comfortable, and Natalie and her staff were all great. I was done and went home and I did not want to wash my hair for a couple of days.

Usually after I have my hair colored and highlighted, it appears to have a large amount of condiioner put in it to make it shine while you are at the shop, so I hate to wash the hair and see it turn dry and have no shine. This time I was shocked , my hair was the same exact way that it was when I left her shop. I blew it out and it was great.

I was thinking of leaving this area next year but I may be changing my mind as I do not want to leave Natalie now that I have found her. Her shop is Great Expressions loctaed at 200 North Woodland Blvd, Deland Florida Her # is 386-738-3703

Dont take too much of her time, you hear as I also need her to have time for me .

great shine
great shine | Source


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