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Updated on July 7, 2016

Fake Commercials

I usually like to watch the commercials (wierd), especially new ones. But I have several pet peeves. My peeve for today is about commercials who advocate to remove lines, wrinkles, crows feet, etc and the models they use are no more that 20 years old, with skin as tight as an overstuffed rubber glove; AND, commercials that advertise support bra's in every size but the ones that need support.

Commercials that are trying to sell products for dark circles under the eyes or lines around the mouth, please use folks who have some years on them, and not just a one night hangover. I'm 64 years old, but I remember 20 - 30, and even my 40's. I was just beginning to get a little loose in the face. As consumers, please gather around and let the people who want our money know that we, who are of some age, want to be realistically represented in the commercials. I will spend money on a dark circle product that uses a woman in her 50's. I will spend money on a product that uses a real woman who has for real crows feet or lines around the mouth. Until then, I will keep using my home remedies that, if I don't say so myself, are working pretty good.

Now I'm still on facial applications. Ladies did you know that to get rid of the facial wrinkles, the products work to expand the skin. You look real good in about two weeks, and for as long as you use the product it will 'Pump' your face up. But when you stop you will have more sags than when you started. We just need the truth when buying products.

My next pet peeve are bra commercials. I am a 44H. I love Playtex products, but please Playtex be for real, and help some sista's out who are larger than DDD. Truthfully I cannot afford to spend the insane amount of money $60 - $70 for a good support bra. I like to have at least one bra for each day of the week, and a couple for evening wear; that's approximately $420. I know that these foundation folks can afford to make a product to serve us big girls without charging a mint for their products. Playtex charges about $20. for a DDD, I would be willing to spend an additional $10. Is there anyone out there who can help?

Allrighty now, those are my pet peeves. Can anyone relate?


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