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Updated on May 3, 2013

Doing away with unwanted hair among men and women is a difficult problem to deal with. Men do love having fashionable mustache. But irritating to develop and maintain such facial hair styles. While women battled hairs on their upper lips just to preserve their femininity. Peach fuzz on upper lip among women is not desirable to be styled like men do. It sometimes reaches to the point that most women neglect and feel insecure about it growing on their face.

In one struggling goal, to remove hair shafts and hair follicles that grows on female upper lip. Cosmetic manufacturers intelligently create different valuable hair removal techniques and products. Mostly they introduce them one by one from a simple cream to more complicated laser. And over centuries, women tried different methods that mostly compared and proven to be effective.

Ways to Remove peach fuzz

So, here are some dilapidated ways you can try if you have this unwanted hairs.

Depilatory creams may be applied. They come in different brands. But select a hypoallergenic brand to leave your skin without any irritation. Simply follow the instruction on the labels on how to use. Surely you will attain your desired hair removal effect. Most of the time application must be done for several times for its consistency.

Some tried to use hair bleaching products. Remember that using this product lightens the hair color. Usually from black it turns into grayish or blonde hair. Since we are dealing with chemicals here, be careful when using it near your nose and eyes. It may cause itchiness or reaction with these sensitive parts.

If hairs are already dominant to see, best to use razors. Razors that are made exclusively for women since women’s hair has different thickness than males. And the bad news in using this is you have to maintain it from time to time. Because hair follicles remain from where it grows and continue to grow.

Some women use tweezers in pulling out their peach fuzz. Tweezers are usually utilized to clean the excess hairs on eyebrows, nose hairs, or sprouting hairs on the chin. Except from being handy, tweezers can reach and work best with those hairs that can’t easily visualize. Hairs especially on the top of the upper lip, it can simulate fine hairs growing up to the shadowy part of the lip.

Or, if you hate to take those hair because of time constrains or all else fails, you can cover those hairs with cosmetics. A foundation that matches your skin-tone may relieve this remedy. So that you will let others can’t see those mild growing hairs.

Lastly, to establish permanent hair removal you can visit your dermatologist. Take ease of this problem that you can go through with electrolysis or even laser. That may take only for some visit and not thinking it back again and again.

Whatever method that may be applicable for you to remove peach fuzz. Just make sure that you understand what you are going through. Slackening the hair growth disrupts the activity of hair follicles and shafts. Let be realize that best products must be consider this effect and the reaction of your skin type. Be a best chooser.


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