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How to Grow My Natural Hair

Updated on July 7, 2017

Natural Hair

Relaxed Hair

What Is Natural Hair?

So, you may not have the slightest idea what natural hair is, but don't worry I am going to break that down for you.

Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, it is any hair in it's true form, that is, it is hair that is just the way it grows out from the scalp. No relaxers, no dye, anything that changes the original form of the hair has not been applied.

The Problem With Natural Hair

Well, not everyone has problems with their natural hair, but some people undergo various difficulties with their natural hair. Some are too strong that they even break the combs, some are just so disobeident they don't understand the words; ''lay down'', some put hair stylists on the run, and some have all these problems put together! wow.

Stubborn Hair

Why I Am on the Natural Hair Journey

So many people, celebrities included have gone on the natural hair journey., Gone are the days when relaxers were celebrated. Some people are of the opinion that, using relaxer is a form of accepting the western definition of beauty; straight, wavy, and silky hair. Some argue that it is because of the colonial mentality that so many people (especially Nigerians) still have, some even say that, it is as aresult of self hate! why else would one distort the original shape of their hair?

Well, whatever your reason for going naturalis, whether relaxers have caused damage to your hair, or you're feeling funky and want to do something new or you subscribe to one of the above reasons, it is not as important as the journey, and I am sure you have some questions.

First Thing You Need to Know

There are certain things you need to know as you go on this journey of naturalism. The first thing you need to know though, is this: it is not true that you must cut all your hair to grow new ones! Now that is just a fat lie. You don't need to go bald and cause the street to go into chaos.


In this journey of sisterhood, there is something called transitioning hair.

It is when you let your natural hair grow beneath your relaxed hair (what is normally called undergrowth). It just means that you will have to deal with two different textures of hair.

So many people transition for six months, some go for one year before cutting of the tip of the hair, which is the relaxed or damaged hair. It all depends on how long you are willing to go. The longest I have heard of is two years. The ball is in your court honey, it is your decision and probably your stylist's too.

Transitioning Hair

The Big Chop

This is the other option on this hair journey. The big chop is when you decide to go on "secura" that is, cutting all your hair off, and letting new ones grow.

Trust me on this one babe, not everyone can rock that look. Whew! talk about societal chaos. Still in the spirit of not making choices for anyone, research has shown that those who go on "The big chop" see faster results than those who transition. Perhaps a compensation from mother nature.

The Big Chop

My Natural Hair

If you have never had or kept natural hair then I should be the one to break this to you. There is a huge difference between relaxed and natural hair. The textures are different, the curl patterns are different and more importantly the care routines are different.

Care Routines For Natural Hair

It is highly important that you care for your hair just as you care for your skin.

First thing to remember is to always keep your hair moisturized with water and leave in conditioners.

At night, cover your hair with a satin cap to lock in moisture.

Avoid manipulating hairstyles.

Make protective hairstyles once in a while.

Wash your hair regularly, at least at ten days intervals.

Use more of natural products for your hair and avoid chemicals.

Avoid tight teethed combs.

These are few, but keeping them in mind will make your journey smoother.

Natural Products For Natural Hair

Coconut oil
Coconut oil due to its amazing prpperties, makes the hair shiny, strong and moisturized.
Castor oil
Castor oil helps in quick hair growth
Shea butter
Shea butter softens the hair
Olive oil
Olive oil keeps your hair healthy and strong
Aloe vera
This herb facilitates hair growth
These and many more are natural products that have been tested and proven to produce magnificient results...


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    • profile image

      jobaby 8 months ago

      @Samantha, you can get shea butter in any of the local market around you.

    • profile image

      Love Bashir 9 months ago

      I have been transitioning for six months, and it is not a joke oo, but I know I will soon get the kind of Adesua Etomi's hair

    • Anugo profile image

      Gold Samuel 9 months ago from Nigeria

      Hi Samantha, you can buy shea butter at local stores ner you or you can order some shea butter products on amazon. Plus I'll do another article on curl pattern to help you understand.

    • profile image

      Samantha 9 months ago

      Cool article, but what is a curl pattern? Plus where can I buy Shea butter?