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How to Identify and Remove Nail Fungus

Updated on July 5, 2017

Nail fungus identification

Nail fungus is fungal infection that affects the nails. It can affect the toenails or the fingernails. However, it commonly occurs on the toenails. Some people reported having pain while others may not experience pain though the appearance can be disgraceful. Fungal infection of the nail can be caused by yeasts, mold and especially dermatophytes. The appearance of white or yellow marks at the tips of the toenail or fingernail may suggest presence of nail fungus. Fungi releases pigment between point of separation of the nail and nail bed to give various other colors that the nail displays: green or black. Toenails may appear thickened or cloudy. There may be presence of foul odor smell..


Toenails are considered the prime sites of nail fungus. The fungus affects two toes primarily: big toe and pinky toe. Both comes in contact with shoes more often. Generally, fungi enter the skin at point of separation between the nail bed and nail or through cuts. Nail fungus infestation can run in family. A child may develop such nail deformity if both parents have it.




Brittleness and Thickness are two factors that can be associated with infected fingernails. When the nail becomes thicker and venerable to breakage, it may be subjected to conditions that results in the nails separating from nail bed. In addition, itching can occur in the presence of fingernail infection. It can cause discomfort because it is hard to reach the source of the itching. The nails may appear brown or red in conjunction with other colors described previously.

Nail fungus on toenails and fingernails

Toenail fungus(Different color)

Remedies to control nail fungus

Obviously, one cannot leave such infection to proliferate. There are certain remedies to address the problem. Some of the remedies may require a visit to a podiatrist to access the severity of the infection. In fact, it is advisable to see a foot doctor prior to starting any foot treatment. To ensure that the treatment worked, another accessment is necessary. Below are some of the remedies recommended for treating nail fungus:

*Table 1

(click column header to sort results)
Prescription status  
External source  
Usage method  
Taj Pharmaceutical
Drug Stores
Drug Stores
Drug Stores
Drug Stores
Drug Stores
Apply on nail
Undecylenic acid
Over the counter
Drug stores
Spray on nail
Tea Tree Oil
Over the Counter
AOS Products Limited
Drug Stores
Apply on nail
Listerine mouth wash
Over the Counter
Johnson & Johnson
General retail Store
Soak nail in solution
ZetaClear nail solution/oral spray
Oral spray/solution
Over the Counter
Drug Stores
Mouth Spray/Apply on nail
*Some of the products come in other formulations, but for nail fungus treatment, the stated formulations above are the most commonly used.


As for toenails, a single pair of shoe should not be worn for prolonged period of time without alternating socks and shoes. Some topical ointment used allows for better penetration inside the nail beds. Fingernails should always be kept dry to avoid being venerable to fungal infection.There is no guarantee that OTC products work. However, the benefits are only seen by individuals and can be confirmed by a podiatrist to ensure complete cure. On the other hand, the prescription products have some level of efficacy and can be verified by available scientific evidence and data. Safety, efficacy and recovery are the three critical factors to consider in addressing this problem.


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