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How to Stop Razor Bumps

Updated on September 16, 2013

How to Stop Razor Bumps Once and for all

Using the five step shaving system is working and works well to keep off razor bumps on your skin around the areas that we must shave such as the beard area, bikini area and arm-pits.

Many methods have been suggested that can be used to stop razor bumps from developing following a shave. However, the most successful method is the five step system illustrated below. Although, this system is very successful, one may modify the steps to suit their circumstances and customize the process.

There are many ways of reaching our goals of stopping razor bumps and achieving smooth shaves.However, the key elements follow the five steps.

Unwanted Hair Growth

Little did we know when we were growing up that one day we will have to join the worthy fight of trying to regain our old youthful looks again, that is, faces devoid of facial hair, arm-pits without hair, skins without hair and even bikinis without bikini hair.

As we mature into adulthood our hormonal changes bring us the hair that we all longed for when we were little kids but not for long, this joy seems to fade away quickly and we start to see these hairs as a nuisance to our looks and lets be honest, we all want, if not all, majority of us want to regain our old cool and smooth looks.

It is debatable, some of our ladies want hairy men and some do not. Likewise, some men but few want ladies with hairy legs and arms not to say vice versa. It is all good whatever one prefers! The choice is yours and you have all the freedoms and rights to make those choices.

Hair is an important appendage of the skin. Hair is protective and grows on the skin to help protect the skin. The natural anatomical distribution of hair on our bodies is dependent on gender and genetics. However, some people seem to grow more hair than others. More hair is seen to grow on males than females with exceptions in some conditions such as hirsituisim where there is excessive hair growth or baldism where is no hair growth.

Stages of Hair Growth

Hair grows in different stages.
Hair grows in different stages. | Source

Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are the little swellings just like the name suggests that appear on the skin that has recently been shaven. They are little "bumps" that appear on the skin that would otherwise be smooth after it has been shaved. The hair is gone but due to irritation on the skin around the area where the hair grows the "bumps" appear.

The razor bumps can vary in size and intensity. Some people develop serious razor bumps large and very intense due to very sensitive skin while some do not develop any at all or just minor rashes as a result of inflammation due to irritation.

Razor bumps can be transient in nature or permanent. This all depends on the intensity of the bumps and the seriousness of the irritation that causes the inflammation on the skin and the swellings.

Razor Bumps on the Face

Razor bumps may appear as  tiny black and red projections on the skin that has been shaved.
Razor bumps may appear as tiny black and red projections on the skin that has been shaved. | Source
Darkening of the skin in the areas that are shaved. Velvet appearance of razor bumps around the shaved areas.
Darkening of the skin in the areas that are shaved. Velvet appearance of razor bumps around the shaved areas. | Source
Razor bumps can appear as red rashes on the chins and other areas that have been recently shaved.
Razor bumps can appear as red rashes on the chins and other areas that have been recently shaved. | Source

How to get a Smooth Shave with no Razor bumps

It is a five step process that always seems to give the best results.

There are two cardinal rules to getting a smooth shave;

1. Do not be in a hurry. If you have no time, postpone it and do it when you have time. Do not rush! Always create time for a smooth shave.

2. Relax and follow the five steps always. No short cuts because short cuts will get you in trouble.

The steps are easy to follow and not time consuming at all if you master them and prepare well.

Step One:

Cleanse the area to be shaved very well with an antibacterial soap or any other antibacterial agent that you choose. This aids to remove excess bacteria on the skin area to be shaved. This also helps remove dead skin debris and fallen hair from the area.

Step Two:

Gently massage the area to be shaved and apply slightly warm compresses. You may use a clean piece of cloth or towel that is wet with warm water. This process helps increase blood supply to the area and also softens the hair.

Step Three:

Apply a shaving gel, cream or lotion of your choice on the skin and gently rub it in to soften the hair further and make the skin smooth to reduce friction. This will reduce friction and irritation from the blades.

Step Four:

Shave in one continuous direction strokes and press gently on the skin with each stroke to reduce the amount of irritation on the skin. You can use any good razor blade of your choice. Wash off the blade in warm water after each stroke to remove trapped hair and reduce friction.

Step Five:

Treat the skin with an after shave gel of your choice to maintain the moisture on the skin and help heal the skin. This leaves the skin refreshed and moist reducing the irritations.

How to Avoid Razor Bumps

Important Steps in Shaving without Razor Bumps

What is the most important step in shaving without getting razor bumps?

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The Magic of Exercising before Shaving.

A personal experience.

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I used to battle the menace of razor bumps whenever I shaved my beard. I tried all kinds of shaving techniques and systems but none worked very well for me until recently I discovered the magic of exercising before I shaved.

I wake up every morning and do my stretches and push ups before I go to the bathroom to shave my beard. I shave every morning every single day. I follow the five steps above. However, in addition, I have added the unconventional step of exercising before shaving and this has worked magically for me, no more razor bumps!

I achieve this by simply doing the simple regular exercises one can do in their home. I do my stretches, followed by push ups, and facial exercises until I break a sweat. What do I mean by facial exercises? Simply put, I stretch my face muscles by exercising my jaws, rubbing my face gently, opening and closing my mouth. I also make enough silly faces as I watch myself on the mirror. This just helps tense up and relax my facial muscles. Then, I massage my face and neck gently. At this point, I am ready to apply the above five steps which I follow faithfully.

The exercises help to tone the facial muscles and tissue structures. They also serve to increase blood supply to the face and neck areas in preparation to shaving my beard. The increased blood supply helps to mop up any toxins building up in the areas to be shaved.

The Characteristics of a Good Shaving Kit.

Since there are so many shaving kit in the market now that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice, I decided to give a guideline to follow when purchasing a shaver. A good shaver for one person may not be the same for another person. Here is what to look for in a good shaver:

1. Affordable.

When it comes to shavers, the price must be right because shaving can turn out to be a costly exercise. Many people do not shave well because it is expensive. They use the same razor over and over again leading to razor bumps. Therefore, choose a blade and shaving system that is right for you and within your means. It does not mean an expensive system is better than one inexpensive. It all depends on individuals.

2. Readily available.

The system to be used must be readily available in the market. This is because most shavers require replacement blades and refills for certain parts. To ensure smooth shaves, these products must be readily available.

3. Aesthetics.

The systems must look and feel good to the person who needs to use it. What looks and feels good to someone may not be good for someone else.

4. Portability.

Most shavers must be able to be stored and carried easily from one place to another. It may be from one room to another, one home to another and from home to a hotel room. In short, the shavers must be compact to be carried easily and transported to another location with ease.


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