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Hair Beading Fun with a Conair Hair Beader for Girls

Updated on June 16, 2011

Hair Beading with a Conair Hair Beader

 Hair beading is a great way for young girls to play around with their hairstyles, and it's very easy to do using a Conair Hair Beader.

Girls love to experiment with hair, makeup and accessories and change their look to suit the occasion. There are many ways they can do this, such as temporary tattoos, nail art and now hair beading.

Hair beading is the art of threading beads onto thin sections or hair, either in a continuous line, or used as part of a hair braid. Using a specialist tool such as the Conair hair beader the beads are easy to attach to hair and easy to remove and the beader itself is simple enough for young children to use  ( it is not recommended to give this sort of toy to children under 3 due to the beads which are small and could be swallowed).

Conair Quick Bead
Conair Quick Bead

The hair beads for girls tend to be brightly colored or slightly sparkly making them attractive to all ages.

Hair can either be beaded by using a few beads on many different strands, a single long line of beads on one strand, or many strands of beads to create a more dramatic effect.

Kids can have hours of fun playing around and trying out different styles for themselves and their friends.

A hair beading kit would also make a great addition to any girls birthday party if they were have a pamper or spa themed event.

Conair Hair Beader and Jeweler

 The Conair hair beader attaches long rows of beads to hair, but if you want a subtler effect you should consider the Conair Quick Gems Hair Jeweler

The hair jeweler is used to attach individual sparkling jewels to hair to add sparkle and shine and to compliment any outfit your little one is wearing.

Other Hair Beading and Hair Braiding Alternatives

 In addition to the Conair products there are other hair braiding and hair beading kits on the market such as the IGIA Twist-a-braid hair braider and the girl crush range which includes a Bead n Braider, and the fabulous Streak and Style so your kids can color their hair before they braid and bead it (wash out colors of course).

Other Girls Accessories Products

 If your girls are anything like my nine year old niece they are going to love anything to with 'accessorizing'.

They'll love experimenting with these great Makeup Kits for Girls, and varnishing their nails with Nail Polish Sets,and once their nails are varnished they'll love to use Nail Art Pens or Konad Nail Stamping Plates to decorate them.

Then, once the hair and makeup are sorted they'll adore these temporary butterfly tattoos or the other kids temporary tattoos around.


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