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Hair Care For Women

Updated on August 11, 2012

Women are more concerned about their looks than men. They justifiably believe that if they take good care of their hair, they can enhance their looks also. As a woman, you may also wish to have good-looking hair and so, you may find the following few tips useful.

- You should live a healthy lifestyle if you want to have smooth and stylish hair. If you make it a point to eat nutritious foods and follow a hygienic lifestyle, you can safeguard yourself from problems like dandruff, hair fall, early graying, balding, etc.

- Tobacco is highly harmful and hence, you should keep away from smoking. Likewise, consumption of alcoholic beverages may also accelerate early graying. So, you should stop drinking them forthwith.

- A good night's sleep is absolutely necessary for a good hair growth and hence, you should not sacrifice it under any circumstances. You should have a good and regular exercises regimen also so that blood circulates properly to all the parts of your body.

- You should not use any hair product without doing sufficient research. If the hair gels or sprays you use contain excessive contents of alcohol, they may cause harm to your hair. Your hair may become dry due to such alcoholic contents. Even if you use them, you should not apply them directly on your hair.

- You should adjust your hair dryer in such a way that hot air from the dryer does not attack your hair directly. If you can have cool setting on your dryer, you can protect your hair from its harmful effects. When you use a dryer, you should make sure that there is sufficient distance between the device and your hair. The best advice is to dry your hair naturally using a towel.

- When you go for swimming, you should necessarily wear a swimming cap because the chlorine content in the water of the pool may affect your hair. If a cap is not readily available, you should ensure to wash your hair with a mild shampoo as soon as you finish your swimming. After washing the hair, you should not forget to use a good hair conditioner also. Excessive exposure to sunlight during swimming may also be harmful.

- Always use a comb with soft bristles. Your comb should not have sharp edges also. Your hair must be dry when you comb your hair. The direction of your combing should begin from the top and should end at the bottom of your hair.

- The hair products you use like shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc. should suit your hair. You should try various brands and choose the most suitable ones. When you shampoo your hair, you should not use excessive quantity. You should first rinse your hair and then, use only a little shampoo to wash your hair. You should rinse your hair thoroughly so that excessive shampoo, if any, is completely removed. This is because excessive shampoo may make your hair dry. Experts advise that those who have oily hair should wash their hair daily and those who have dry hair, should wash their hair thrice a week.

- You should not get carried away by the advertisements of various hair products. If you use them without checking their ingredients, you may have irritation or other problems in your hair. Similarly, you can not assume that hair stimulants may help in hair growth. It is better to study the ingredients of all these items before using.


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