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Hair Care Tips – Things Not to Do

Updated on October 18, 2011
Do you or do you not want this?
Do you or do you not want this?

Growing a long hair has often become one of the many dreams that people may have had all these years. However, while there are some people that succeed indeed in growing long hair, there are also some others that can’t grow their hair to the length they think ideal. Even worse, there are not few people, either, who happen to not be able to even grow their hair at all. This is when some proper hair care tips come in very handy. Hair care tips should not always be about what people should do but also what they ought not to do in order to grow and maintain their hair.

Hair Care Tips – the First Don’t

It is necessary for people who want to grow long hair to keep in mind that it is never a good idea to make use of some sorts of elastic bands on their hair. Unless their hair is really covered by some fabric materials, this won’t be necessary at all.

Hair Care Tips – the Second Don’t

Do not go near any means of heat styling products. In addition to that, washing the hair with hot water is not a recommendable thing at all, either. Instead, what people should really use is simply lukewarm water when they feel the need to wash their hair.

Hair Care Tips – the Third Don’t

Permanents as well as most chemical products are never recommended to be used at all, either. Well, it is true that permanents may look nice at times. However, what people should keep in their mind is that permanents come with certain side effects that tend to give negative impact onto the hair. One thing is the permanent wave even though there are still lots of other negative side effects. With that being said, people should instead try to figure out what natural ways they can use to wave their hair more effectively and healthier.

Hair Care Tips – the Fourth Don’t

In order to take a good care of long hair, the owners should never intend or try to braid their hair tightly. Ponytail must not be too tight, either, in this case. Tightening the hair quite extremely will cause it to break off.

Hair Care Tips – the Fifth Don’t

Shampooing the hair too often is not something good to recommend, either. By shampooing too often, there are better chances that the hair follicles will break. This is because the natural oil produced by the body to protect the hair will be washed away, too.


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