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Hair Coloring Techniques for Your Hair Needs

Updated on September 14, 2015
Get some standout hair color choices with the right techniques.
Get some standout hair color choices with the right techniques. | Source

When it comes to dyeing the hair, there are various hair coloring techniques. Some options are perfect for those looking to color their hair at home, while others need a professional stylist—this will also depend on the color chosen. By using these different techniques, it is possible to gain new dimensions, and help certain shades stand out over others.

Before picking a technique for coloring the hair, it is important to understand the pros and cons. You will also need to find the perfect shade, whether you want blonde, brown or a vivid and bold one.

Here are the different hair coloring techniques that you could try.

Highlights, Lowlights, or Twilights

Highlights and lowlights are two of the most common options. However, it is likely that you have never heard of twilighting. This is similar to the process of lowlighting the hair; using many of the same tools. The light tones have darker ones added, adding depth and keeping the tones down for those brighter colors. It is possible to add three colors when opting for twilighting and lowlighting.

Highlighting is the most common hair coloring technique out of the three. It is commonly used for those who have warm shades and want to go blonde, but it can also be used to add warmer tones to lighter colors. Warm browns are often added to reds through highlighting to create new dimensions. While it is most commonly performed through salons, it is possible to do it from the home. A cap is usually required and the hair is pulled through it. In a salon, foil may be used instead depending on the result preferred.

There are different types of highlights and lowlights available. It will depend on the style that you are aiming for. For example, Peek-a-Book highlights will create dimensions while Refresher highlighters are more corrective.

Choose the right hair coloring technique to get unique and interesting styles.
Choose the right hair coloring technique to get unique and interesting styles. | Source

Veiling or Chunking by Hair Stylists

Veiling is a semi-permanent technique and is performed by a glaze. It is usually performed by a hair stylist and will brighten up duller colors. When looking for intermediate hair coloring techniques, this is perfect. It is also used for temporary fixes when something happens to the hair. Only one shade is used and is placed on top of another single, permanent shade.

Chunking is the second option, where a hair stylist will pick random, large sections of the hair. The new color is added to these sections and can be carried out at home. It is possible to work on separate sections of the hair, or as an overall hair dye option. It is possible to redye the whole hair, or just touch the roots when they start to show through. It can also be for fun by adding random colors to chunks of the hair. Only one shade is usually used during this process, but it will depend on the desired outcome.

Techniques for the Ombre Hairstyle from Tony & Guy

It may be worth getting friends to help with dyeing your hair.
It may be worth getting friends to help with dyeing your hair. | Source

Which Hair Coloring Techniques Are Best for You?

So, which hair coloring technique should you choose? This really depends on the goal that you are after. For some, highlighting is perfect, but others find chunking at home is better. Part of this will also depend on skill and budget. It costs much more to visit a hair salon than it does to buy a home coloring kit, but there is the mess, time, and skill to consider before thinking that is the best option.

You also need to think about your current hair color and the outcome that you would like. Chunking is not the best option for brunettes who want to go blonde. If there are warm tones, the blonde hair dye often turns coppery or yellow instead of golden. A hair stylist will discuss your requirements and the different hair coloring techniques that will work for you.

Each of the hair coloring techniques have their own processes. Some are possible at home, but some it is simply better and safer to have a professional do. Stylists have the experience, the skill, and the knowledge about which technique is better for an outcome, based on color, budget, and style.

Once you choose your hair coloring technique and have it done, you will need to care for your hair. This is still hair dye, whether permanent or semi-permanent.


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